IFOY Test Report: Raymond 8910 End Rider Pallet Truck

It’s time to put the Raymond 8910 End Rider Pallet Truck under the spotlight as we continue our run-through of all the IFOY Award finalists ahead of the announcement ceremony in Dortmund on June 22nd.

The next-generation Raymond 8910 end rider pallet truck is ideal for heavy-duty and high-throughput applications. This comfortable pallet truck features intuitive, easy-to-use controls and enhanced ergonomics, especially for long hauls.

IFOY category: Warehouse Truck “lowlifter”

IFOY Test Report

With its new generation Raymond 8910 electric pallet truck, the US manufacturer offers a stand-up pallet truck for intensive use. The stacker has been completely redeveloped based on its predecessor (8900). Due to intensive use, Raymond has paid particular attention to ergonomics. The cabin is 20% roomier than its predecessor. In addition, the workplace can be set up flexibly. The entire console can be moved to adapt to the operator’s position. The console cannot yet be moved by the operator, which is a disadvantage when working multiple shifts. This is coming in the new versions of the lift truck, according to Raymond. For operators who require more space, Raymond offers a smaller steering concept with an additional more than 3cm of extra space.

For intensive use, the IFOY testers are still missing a seat option in the backrest, which has also been announced. The pallet trolley is equipped with a vibration-damping base plate. The dead man’s switch integrated into the base plate requires 61% less effort.

The toolbar has been moved from the battery side behind the steering console. This makes it easier to read terminals and other peripherals, and they are no longer in view of the direction of driving. The controls are intuitive and known from the manufacturer’s order picking portfolio. However, this is the first time that this control system has been used by Raymond on a lift truck.

Raymond has also introduced some innovations in the technical area. For example, sensors have been built into the chassis to constantly check that the operator is within the safe contours of the truck. If this is not the case, the truck’s speed is greatly reduced and an acoustic warning signal sounds. Once both feet are back within the work area, the truck automatically returns to normal settings. In addition, the 8910 features automatic steering centring when the truck is started  ̶  another novelty for this type of truck from the US manufacturer.

According to Raymond, the energy consumption of the truck is 24% lower than that of its predecessor. This is mainly due to the electric steering system, which replaces the hydraulic steering. In addition, the new steering system enables a shorter turning radius and thus better manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Another advantage: thanks to the new steering system, the pallet truck is more silent.

The IFOY stacker is equipped with a conventional lead-acid battery. On request, Raymond can also supply the 8910 with a Li battery.

The forklift could not be fully tested by the IFOY test team because the forks commonly used in the US do not fit under the available test weights. However, the test team did test drive the truck. By European standards, the steering needs to get used to. The steering works exactly opposite to what the driver expects. However, the steering character setting can be adjusted via service if necessary.

IFOY test verdict: The truck offers a spacious operator’s cab for added comfort and is equipped with intuitive, user-friendly controls. For the US market, this is a significant improvement; by European standards, the improvements are somewhat less innovative. The controls require adaptability from operators who are not used to the US steering system.

IFOY Innovation Check

Market relevance: The transport of goods on pallets over longer distances as well as fast turnover on trucks still has an enormous share of the market. This is why further developments of pallet trucks with stand-on platforms, such as the Raymond 8910, are highly relevant to the market. With its improvements, it focuses on the American market and sets new standards there in terms of ergonomics and energy efficiency, which promises a positive customer response.

Customer benefit: The Raymond 8910 represents a significant evolution for the customer from its predecessor in terms of ergonomics and safety. The operator is better protected in the more spacious cabin with ergonomic details. Other features, such as light barriers as platform limitation, automatic speed reduction when cornering and the centring of the drive wheel when starting operation, increase the benefit in terms of safety. The electric power steering also increases energy efficiency, giving the user more uptime.

Novelty / Innovation: The innovation level can be regarded as high in relation to the American market due to all the enhancements. In an international comparison, the Raymond 8910 has reached a level of technology that puts it on a par with comparable pallet trucks.

Functionality / Type of implementation: The Raymond 8910 impresses with its robustness and good finish. As an operator, you feel the increase in comfort on the platform and can expect a long-lasting overall product.

Verdict: The overall impression of the Raymond 8910 pallet truck undoubtedly makes it a worthy nominee for the IFOY Award, promising a pleasant increase in pallet handling output for the user.

Market relevance +
Customer benefit +
Novelty / Innovation Ø
Functionality / Type of implementation ++
[KEY: ++ very good / + good / Ø balanced / – less / — not available]

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