Industry-first visibility of entire order lifecycle

FourKites, a leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, has introduced its Order Intelligence Hub, a new single-pane-of-glass view of the entire lifecycle of every order. By integrating order data, load information across modes, yard shipments, inventory visibility and other critical third-party systems, such as warehouse management systems and order management systems, shippers and their supply chain partners now have a powerful new tool to eliminate inefficiencies, manage exceptions, reduce expenses and increase customer satisfaction at every step of an order’s journey.

With the goal of breaking down silos across systems, this solution was developed in close collaboration with major consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers and driven by insights from some of the largest companies in the Consumer Brand Association, which champions more than 1,700 leading CPG brands.

As part of the recently announced Supply Chain Health and Performance Task Force, the mission of which is to increase visibility and ease supply chain pressures across the CPG industry, FourKites worked closely with Consumer Brands and 15 of its members to identify common pain points and create a solution that would address those challenges by breaking down silos between teams and systems, and leveraging the scale of the FourKites network to provide unprecedented visibility into the CPG supply chain ecosystem.

Through shared dashboards, participating members can take advantage of a real-time view of facilities, lanes and interchanges causing the most inefficiencies for CPG companies. With Order Intelligence Hub, users can drill down into the line-item level impacts of bottlenecks, and can then collaborate across teams to resolve those inefficiencies.

“Collaboration is essential for building modern, resilient supply chains,” said Tom Madrecki, vice president of supply chain and logistics at Consumer Brands. “The Supply Chain Health and Performance Task Force — in partnership with FourKites — is bringing more visibility, agility and data sharing to our supply chain, allowing the CPG industry to better navigate future challenges and ensure the reliable delivery of essential goods.”

By eliminating silos and integrating disparate systems, FourKites’ Order Intelligence Hub enables collaboration and insight throughout the lifecycle of every order. Teams can much more effectively manage exceptions by identifying issues and their root causes in real time, anywhere. Customisable, persona-based dashboards provide every stakeholder group — from supply planning through to customer service and facilities management — with the data and metrics that matter most to them.

The entire community benefits from FourKites‘ market-leading network data set, collected via working with more of the world’s leading brands than any other visibility provider, including 18 of the top-20 F&B brands and nine of the top-10 CPG companies.

“The Order Intelligence Hub is a big milestone as we execute on our vision to connect the physical and digital worlds of warehouses, stores and transportation with real-time data and machine learning,” said Mathew Elenjickal, founder and CEO of FourKites. “Collaborating with our customers and other industry leaders, like Consumer Brands, in product development has enabled us to bring to market some of the most innovative solutions that address the industry’s most critical pain points.”

With the Order Intelligence Hub, FourKites builds on its long history of industry-first innovations, including multimodal purchase order tracking, which provides line-item level shipment detail using PO numbers, and Dynamic Yard, which gives enterprises the ability to proactively manage all of their facilities based on real-time, in-yard freight data and analytics.

FourKites and its largest customers, which ship some of the world’s leading brands to locations around the world, have integrated previously siloed systems across customer service, transportation planning, supply/demand planning and warehouse management to enable internal stakeholder communication and insights throughout the lifecycle of every order.

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