Intralogistica Milan

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, the leading trade fair for internal logistics in Italy, returns On May 3rd the gates of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, the reference point for sector operators, will open. A 6000 sq. m area, 100 companies and over 100 thousand visitors expected, many conferences and matching opportunities. Tickets discounted 50% for those who purchase online Milan, April 5th, 2022. Despite this difficult moment, at one month from the inauguration all the spaces available at INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA have been booked by Italian and foreign exhibitors. Success that confirms the central position of a sector in continuously increasing growth. Sustainability, loT, logistics 4.0, big data and automation are the key words at this edition which is establishing itself as attractive also for new product categories related to ICT. An exhibition which on one hand represents an ability to interpret the new digital revolution through traditional technology and on the other offers enabling solutions that assist companies in managing the volatile nature of these complex times. Because, even if it is too soon to affirm that the thread of globalization has been broken, it is true to say that warehouses are returning, thanks to reorganization of supply chains, to the centre of businesses. And it is for example there for all to see how e-commerce has overturned organization and distribution models making speed and precision in goods delivery an increasingly important competitive factor. This is because, in a world that is moving towards servitisation and comoditization of products, service is more than central and warehouses and logistics are fundamental enabling and competitive factors. The many initiatives also include the involvement of the agency ICE, which will reinforce the presence at the exhibition of operators and buyers from Europe, the Mediterranean area and the Middle East. Those who wish to view the updated list of exhibitors can do so at: https://expoplaza-intralogistica-italia. f Finally in person and always in safety INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, finally with attendance in person, represents a place where this resilience can be seen and touched through reification thanks to new (AMR) Autonomous Mobile Robots, the latest (AGV) Automated Guided Vehicles and in the extraordinary picking and sorting systems and in all the elements that characterize the modern warehouse. INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA complies with the protocol drawn up by the Fiera Milano Group and, as rules are constantly changing, asks all visitors and exhibitors before coming to the exhibition grounds to check the website Click here to buy your ticket online and avail of a 50% discount: INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA Press Release no. 17 | April 5th, 2022The Innovation Alliance, the supply chain at the exhibition Over the last few days the constant flow of registrations for INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA has intensified, sustained by the publication of the rich schedule of meetings and round tables, but also the confirmation once again of the format The Innovation Alliance (the simultaneous events INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, Ipack-Ima, Green Plast and Print4All at Fiera Milano) which was inaugurated through the Circular Economy Summit on March 23rd, an event which brought together the CEOs of international industrial enterprises representing principal manufacturing and distribution sectors that will offer the best existing solutions and best practices on a global level: Carlotta de Bevilacqua, CEO & President, Artemide; Giulio Bonazzi, CEO, Aquafil; Christophe Rabatel, CEO, Carrefour; Simon Pietro Felice, CEO & General Director, CAVIRO Group; Sara Scrittore, Vice President and General Manager, Southern Europe Hub, Colgate-Palmolive; Nazzarena Franco, CEO, DHL; Lamberto Vallarino Gancia, CEO, Domori – Illy Group; Francesco Pintucci, CEO, Isem Group; Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO & Managing Director, Maire Tecnimont; Radek Jelinek, CEO & President, MercedesBenz; Valentina Pasqui, Owner & Managing Director, Pasqui Coating Converting Printing Company; Giuseppe Di Martino, CEO, Pasta Di Martino. Conferences and events at the exhibition Exhibition partners this year include AISEM (the Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Handling systems – federata ANIMA (Federation of National Associations in Confindustria that represents companies in the Mechanical Industry), The “Gino Marchet” Contract Logistics Observatory and the Milan Polytechnic B2C Logistics Center, institutions that are involved in the organization of meetings and conferences. The first workshop organized by the Contract Logistics Observatory 2022 – Contract Logistics Market Trends – will take place at the opening of the exhibition on May 3rd at 10.00am, while on the afternoon of May 4th the theme “Evolution of Logistics Real Estate through Sustainability and Digital” will be discussed. The appointments organised in partnership with AISEM federata ANIMA will, on the other hand, focus on aspects of safety related to the areas of design and construction of automated warehouse systems – “Safe we are born – Design and construction of automated warehouses” on May 3rd at 2.00pm and on the impact of new technology on the sector – “The great transformation of logistics through big data, automation and digital twins” on May 4th at 11.00am. On May 5th it will be the moment of the Transition 4.0 plan and the important theme of sustainability. At 11.00am the “The Complete Guide to Logistics 4.0“, a round table – with a particular focus on automated warehouses – conceived to respond to all questions related to the subsidies granted in the Transition 4.0 plan – thanks to the grouping together of representatives from the worlds of companies, category associations and MISE, will take place. At 2.30pm the Milan Polytechnic B2C Logistics Center will present its research on B2C ecommerce and environmental sustainability to discuss the principal green initiatives that sector operators are adopting. These conferences can be seen on-demand through registration on the days after the exhibition, directly on the INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA digital platform. It will be possible to participate at these events through preregistration on the INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA website in the section related to events at the exhibition.

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