IP camera monitors hidden areas

Playing it safe in the event of a fault: The LCAM 308 IP camera from Leuze monitors hidden areas on stacker cranes and conveyor lines. This allows operators of logistics centres to trace back events reliably and rectify faults quickly and efficiently.

Even in modern logistics centres, it is not always possible to fully rule out faults. However, system operators can take steps to guard against this: The new LCAM 308 IP camera from Leuze records the 60 seconds prior to a fault in full HD. This enables events to be easily traced back. This is important if you want to rectify a malfunction quickly and efficiently. The camera is flexible in use and is suitable for visually monitoring hidden areas on stacker cranes and conveyor lines.

Diverse functions

Thanks to the comprehensive range of functions, system operators are equipped for every situation: For example, a live stream in HD resolution can be called up if required. Furthermore, the snapshot mode allows individual images to be captured, e.g. content of a box. This feature can be used during order picking to document whether the goods in the box were complete.

Practical: Standard browsers or standard streaming tools are all that’s needed for transmission of the 60-second recording or the live stream. No additional software is required. Operators are also spared having to deal with a flood of data: The LCAM 308 IP camera has a ring memory so that only the period before and after an event remains saved.

Harsh environments

With its robust metal housing, the LCAM 308 industrial IP camera has an IP65 protection rating. Dust cannot get inside and the device is water-jet proof. The advantage for mounting: Dovetail, threaded holes and a wide range of mounting accessories enable universal installation.

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