Iron-Phosphate Battery Recipe

Offering super-fast charging and lower total cost of ownership than IC and lead acid battery alternatives, BYD’s range of zero-emission Iron-Phosphate battery-powered forklifts have proved to be the perfect recipe for a sustainable food products specialist in Northern Ireland.

For intense operations such as those at Devenish’s Belfast facility, there’s an attractive alternative to increasingly expensive and often impractical diesel, gas and lead acid battery-powered forklifts in the form of BYD’s extensive range of Iron-Phosphate battery-powered forklifts.

Headquartered in Northern Ireland with five global production sites, Devenish specialises in sustainable food products. Its team of nutritionists use science and technology to ensure the most effective and efficient utilisation of nutrients in the production of food. Its solutions have a positive impact on animals, farms, the environment and people, and that philosophy extends to reducing the environmental impact of its logistics operations. Devenish had previously relied on gas-powered forklifts for both indoor and outdoor work but has now switched its entire fleet to zero-emission forklifts from BYD’s Iron-Phosphate battery-powered range.

“When it came to replacing the forklift fleet, our aims were to reduce our operating costs and minimise our carbon footprint,” said Kieran McPolin, Head of Operations at Devenish. “We already had one of the BYD forklifts within our fleet for a number of years, and this met the demands of our 24/7 operation. So, we were keen to replicate this with the rest of the fleet.

“With the BYD electric forklifts, the running costs are substantially lower than diesel or LPG, and there are no harmful emissions. It’s a much cleaner way to work. With the BYD Iron-Phosphate battery, there’s no maintenance involved for our operators, and the battery charges very quickly so we can run our trucks across multiple shifts within our 24/7 operations.”

Safe batteries

Founded as a battery company in 1995, BYD is now one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers. BYD’s maintenance-free Iron-Phosphate batteries are a safe, long-lasting and versatile power source. Charging from empty to full takes just 1-2 hours, which ensures maximum uptime, a particular benefit for multi-shift warehouse operations such as those at Devenish.

BYD batteries possess superior operational characteristics thanks to their flexible charging properties. They can be opportunity charged – for example during an operator’s scheduled break – without detrimental effect to battery life expectancy or capacity. Unique amongst forklift makers in that it manufactures its own batteries in-house, BYD has the trust in its manufacturing excellence to offer an industry-leading 8 years/10,000 hours battery warranty. Proven in over 1,000,000 passenger cars, 50,000 electric buses and 12,000 electric heavy-duty trucks, BYD’s batteries boast up to 15 years’ operational life with negligible reduction in capacity.

Offering a comprehensive MHE range all featuring its patented lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology at its heart, BYD offers equipment from electric pedestrian and stacker trucks, reach trucks and tow tractors, to three- and four-wheel counterbalance forklifts with capacities up to 8 tonnes. Optimised for fast-charging with BYD’s own smart chargers, there’s a model in the BYD range to suit virtually every task found in logistics operations, both inside the warehouse and outside in the yard.

The hard-working forklifts now in operation at Devenish were supplied by Electric Forklifts Ireland, part of BYD’s growing dealer network which is supported by its European HQ and comprehensive parts warehouse in Rotterdam.

McPolin concludes: “I’d say to any business considering switching to electric, talk to BYD. Our operators now prefer the electric forklifts over the previous IC-engined trucks. The business has reduced its overall environmental impact and we’re saving money at the same time.”

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