Join the Big Recycling Hunt this Recycle Week

This year for Recycle Week (16-22 October), at Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), we’re supporting WRAP’s messaging calling for a Big Recycling Hunt and focusing in on ‘missed capture’: items that are recyclable but are commonly missed. Whether it’s food waste from your staff canteen, cardboard packaging from deliveries or on-the-go plastic bottles, the cost of forgotten recycling for your facility could be more significant than you think.

With 75% of warehouse and logistics businesses facing pressure from customers to improve the sustainability of their operations, and with tougher legislation on the way for businesses in Wales, we explore how your facility can improve recycling rates and cuts costs simply by implementing efficient multi-stream systems.

Why join the hunt?

When you consider that 91% of packaging waste ends up in landfill and that in the UK alone 7 million tonnes of paper and cardboard is landfilled every year rather than being recycling correctly, the scale of the problem of ‘missed capture’ is clear. Correctly handling waste in your warehouse not only directly benefits the planet but it could save you space, time and money while increasing your business’ efficiency.

But can simply upgrading your waste management system lead to tangible results? After installing multi-stream Slim Jim ® Recycling Stations across various sites at their facilities, leading European logistics company DPD reported taking their recycling efficiency rate to over 90% and achieving 27% cost savings from not sending waste to landfill. As well as cost and productivity savings, collecting and storing waste correctly makes for a cleaner, safer and more efficient workplace.

Different solutions for different areas

When it comes to recycling solutions, one size does not fit all. If you want to implement a successful recycling system, you must consider that different areas of your facility will require different types of waste containers.

The shop floor is the beating heart of any warehouse and with tonnes of materials and goods being moved on an hourly basis it’s essential that your waste management is fit to handle high volumes and tough demands. Handling large volumes of waste in tough environments, the RCP BRUTE® range of waste containers helps your team to drive efficiency, with long-term peace of mind though a 10-year warranty. By prioritising durability, you can buy better and waste less, helping your business to protect budgets in the long run while boosting sustainability credentials by minimising the need to frequently replace poor quality products. When it comes to moving waste around your facility, the Wheeled BRUTE®’s ergonomic design helps your team to move large volumes five times more easily, while prioritising safety and comfort.

When considering the overall waste management of your facility it’s important to include the specific needs in your administrative areas, canteens and staff rooms. For these areas, the need for a system that ensures the effective separation of waste without compromising on space is key. Encourage effective separation with visible, modular solutions that allow staff to easily separate their waste into relevant recyclable streams. This will minimise the risk of costly cross-contamination, as well as help you to save money and improve your business’ green credentials. The RCP Slim Jim® Recycling Stations are discreet, space-efficient and customisable to suit each area of your facility.

Start your Big Recycling Hunt today with RCP’s free online recycling audit. Answer six simple questions about your business’ current waste management operation, and in 90 seconds you’ll have indicative cost and waste savings.

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