Joloda Hydraroll Exhibiting at LogiMAT

Joloda Hydraroll is a world leader in loading and unloading solutions. At LogiMAT 2023, the team will be showcasing automated scale models of Joloda Hydraroll’s complete range of loading and unloading systems, including:
• Moving floor conveyor system
• Slipchain pallet loading system
• Trailerskate system

Automated loading systems are built to speed up a standard process that happens in every production and warehousing location, enabling the complete loading procedure to be de-manned – also known as 100% end-of-line automation.

The business case for automated loading systems

Automating the unloading and loading of trucks in the warehouse leads to faster and more reliable deliveries. Typically, the forklift process of loading a full trailer is around 30-45 minutes. Joloda Hydraroll’s automated loading systems can do it in less than two minutes.

In a typical business case, a warehouse or factory might produce 928 pallets per day, shuttling 32 pallets each time across a 27 km/ 16-mile journey. To do so would require 12 HGV drivers (sharing 3 x 8-hour shifts in 24 hours), as well as three forklift drivers. By automating the loading process, thereby speeding up the turnaround time of each trailer, the company would stand to halve the number of shifts required, saving 12,350 hours of HGV driver waiting time in just one year – a reduction of 85%.

The need for forklifts is removed from the process entirely, reducing the site’s overall number of forklift driven kilometres per year by 2,642km. In addition to reducing thousands of arduous man hours and reduces the risk of an accident or damage to pallets.

Joloda Hydraroll has also acquired the specialist automotive trailer unloading/ loading MAP division of French company, Legras Industries. Legras is well-respected with an established customer base in France. It, therefore, plays an important role in strengthening the local presence and expertise of Joloda Hydraroll – which has also announced the opening of a commercial office in Paris – to better serve the French logistics market.

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