Kaup Expands its e-op Range

The leading independent manufacturer of forklift truck attachments, KAUP GmbH & Co adds to its electrically operated material handling solutions, as part of its e-op (Electrically Operated) line.

Following the launch of the world’s first electric fork positioner, in Stuttgart, over half a decade ago, KAUP has continued to develop and expand its electric range. The latest editions to enter its range of forklift truck attachments is the all-electric double pallet handler, rotator, and side-shift.

With an industry focus on electric forklift trucks, providing not only environmental benefits, but also lower total cost of ownership and extended truck life, the next logical step is to add an electric attachment. Not only will an electric attachment prolong your electric trucks battery life, but the most obvious benefit lies in the fact that the e-op series does not require any hydraulics, or oil, eliminating the risk of hydraulic leaks.

Another benefit of the electric range is the ‘drive systems’ energy efficiency. All KAUP electric attachments require only a fraction of the energy needed compared to its hydraulic counterparts, even though they are manufactured from the same basic components from the modular system.

The precise positioning of the e-op attachments allows for accuracy when positioning loads, whether this be via the autonomous control of the attachment, or the control of the industrial truck. The attachments also incorporate numerous safety features, such as ‘redundant function monitoring’ and ‘emergency stop switch’, ensuring safe operation at all times.

Mike Barton, Managing Director of B&B Attachments; the official UK and Ireland distributor for KAUP products comments, “Electric attachments together with electric forklifts are becoming the preferred choice at many job sites. The cutting-edge technology of the KAUP e-op range offers businesses tremendous cost savings, efficiency, safety, reliability, and sustainability.” The KAUP e-op range is available through-out the UK and Ireland via B&B Attachments.

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