Kite adds e-commerce gift packaging range

Kite Packaging, the one-stop destination for e-commerce packaging, has added a spectrum of shredded paper and tissue to its gift packaging repertoire. ZigZag shredded paper and straight cut varieties can be purchased from the Kite website in attractive hues of natural, white, black pillar box red, rose, cerise, cream, admiral and apple. These colours can coordinate with a brand or add extra panache to seasonal gifts around Christmas or Easter time.

Alongside aesthetic qualities, these solutions also provide protective cushioning while holding space as void fill, preventing the contents from moving about and colliding within a package. This reduces the chance of damages occurring, further ensuring that the customer is greeted with a stunningly effective gift-wrapped parcel.

The range enables companies to elevate their unboxing experience to secure a loyal customer base and appeal to a more premium audience. Tissue paper is synonymous with luxury and Kite’s range now includes a black or white variety of shredded tissue to adorn the inside of boxes with. This packaging is reusable, recyclable and domestically compostable with sustainable sourcing certifications to match. As a result, environmental consciousness is intertwined with the attractive touches that have been proven to boost sales.

The paper products similarly boast reusability, recyclability and biodegradability to remain consistent with Kite’s aims of reducing environmental impact wherever possible. Express limitless creativity with these decorative solutions without sacrificing green credentials. Visual appeal and eco-friendly assurances go hand in hand with these new products, making them ideal void fill options for retail, beauty, health, décor and gift industries.

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