Kite introduces recyclable edge protectors

The external edges, corners and sides of items such as furniture or frames are at high risk of damage if not properly protected before shipping. These outer most areas are the most susceptible to impact, making edge protectors essential packaging equipment for businesses sending out potentially fragile objects.

Historically, polystyrene has been the only available cushioning product for sharp edges such as these, yet Kite Packaging has recently introduced a range of 100% recycled solid board alternatives that can also be recycled after use.

Each product is made from compressed, recycled cardboard to create a highly dense and durable material. Hence, these edge protectors are as effective as they are sustainable by adding reliable reinforcement to vulnerable areas.

Use the standard style for straight edges, the innovative yet simple locked corner design for pointed corners and the curved variety for rounded edges. Each style has unique features to adapt it to the varying properties of the object being packaged.

Tables, mirrors and large picture frames, for example, will all require one or a combination of these protectors. As they are typically high value products too, it is of even greater importance that they do not suffer and scratches or scrapes that could result in returns; damaging your business’s finances and carbon footprint.

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