Kite Launches Ventilated Pallet Wrap

Leading UK packaging supplier, Kite Packaging, has launched an innovative ventilated pallet wrap ideal for packaging products that require ventilation to maintain their quality in storage and transit. This includes fresh produce, dairy products, meat, fish, beverages, and refrigerated and frozen goods. It is also intended for pharmaceutical and chemical products, animal feed and horticulture. The film is BRC certified, making it ideal for food products.

Small holes in the film’s surface stops condensation from forming and becoming trapped within stretch wrap layers. It does this by allowing air to escape via the holes, preventing any moisture from forming and spoiling packaged goods. Ventilated pallet wrap is 100% recyclable and uses less material due to its perforated surface, offering a cost saving when compared to other films.

Pallet Wrap Film

Manufactured from blown film, it offers great puncture resistance and strength, keeping goods stable and well-protected on a pallet during handling and transport. It comes pre-stretched to the optimum elastic point to ensure high quality adherence to products and pallets, further strengthening its protective qualities. Ventilated pallet wrap is compatible with all machine and hand dispensers.

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