Kite releases affordable eco-friendly chilled packaging

When transporting temperature-sensitive items such as food or pharmaceuticals, insulating packaging is essential. Historically, environmentally damaging polystyrene has been the only option, but Kite Packaging has recently released an innovative corrugated box liner.

This thermal lining is 100% recyclable, low-cost and boasts the same temperature controlling qualities as polystyrene. The company conducted a series of externally verified tests to confirm this, revealing that at room temperature (23°C) the corrugated liners can keep the contents of a box below 0°C for 35 hours while being used in conjunction with our gel packs.

The BC flute corrugation also provides superb shock absorption alongside thermal regulation to protect products from both damage and changes in temperature that may affect their integrity. The liners comprise of two pads for the top and bottom box faces and different-sized packs for each side. When fitted to exactly match the interior of the corresponding sized carton, every surface area of the box is thermally lined with a material designed to resist the influence of external conditions.

Kite’s eco-friendly addition to the chilled packaging range works excellently in conjunction with its other products. It also supplies ice sheets, gel packs, thermal pallet covers, temperature-controlled pouches for smaller items and temperature indicators to gauge when a maximum threshold may have been breached.

By balancing environmental considerations with a focus on economic viability, the corrugated box liners identify themselves as a disruptive development with the potential to transform how items within the chilled food industry are packaged.

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