Konecranes launches Battery as a Service

Konecranes has launched Battery as a Service (BaaS), a breakthrough innovation in both technology and business model to facilitate financing and support our customers of the E-VER range of Li-Ion powered electric forklift trucks.

Through this service, Konecranes provides chargeable, upgradable and remotely monitorable Li-ion batteries to its BaaS users. This will allow the customers to purchase an E-VER electric heavy forklift without battery and to choose the best battery set up that suits their needs. The battery is subscribed to a monthly fee, based on its actual usage which can be monitored in real-time at yourKonecranes.com customer portal (the battery becomes an OPEX). This continuous monitoring guarantees the optimal performance of the battery.

The launch of Konecranes BaaS makes the purchase decision much easier and represents a better balance between the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and the operating expenditure (OPEX) which is also more comparable to the LCC distribution of a diesel engine powered lift truck.

BaaS also represents a future-proof solution to long-existing challenges such as battery degradation, battery renewal, battery upgradability and lower resale value. This service keeps the machine resale value independent from the battery degradation.

Batteries can be renewed when the rental agreement comes to an end or if needed by the renter during the hire period.

The innovation of vehicle-battery separation and battery subscription has come true. The successful launch of BaaS is another significant milestone for Konecranes Lift Trucks.

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