Körber Unveils Capabilities to Elevate Warehouse Operations

Körber announced today the launch of three solutions set to augment and elevate warehouse operations. With a focus on innovation beyond Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), these products address common productivity and workflow pain points across the supply chain, unlocking new capabilities and offering enhanced functionalities.

Supply chain companies face increasing challenges, necessitating the addition of software solutions to extend WMS capabilities. Körber’s latest developments provide a holistic approach to supply chain execution, ensuring end-to-end visibility, scalability and flexibility.

With 82% of workers motivated by recognition, Kӧrber’s Gamification boosts productivity by encouraging worker engagement and introducing healthy competition. Management sets targets and milestones to encourage users to progress through the experience, as they collaborate as a team and accomplish tasks. This solution redefines worker engagement, emphasizing efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Sean Elliott, CTO and acting CEO Software, Körber Business Area Supply Chain, told us, “Whether it’s revolutionizing inventory placement with Slotting.IQ, boosting workforce engagement through Gamification, or combining automation with human workflows with UCS, Körber continues to drive warehouse innovation. Gamification, Slotting.IQ and Unified Control Systems increase efficiencies in the warehouse.”

Sean Elliott

Körber’s Slotting.IQ allows warehouses to harness management of complex inventories. Dynamic slotting algorithms optimize inventory placements, improving order-picking efficiency and accelerating order processing. By integrating with the WMS, re-slotting strategies can be implemented seamlessly and enhance overall operational productivity. Slotting.IQ’s automated approach also saves valuable time and resources compared to traditional, manual slotting methods.

Körber’s Unified Control System (UCS) provides a single point of management and control for fulfillment processes driven by warehouse staff, AMR and other automation technologies. It seamlessly orchestrates automated and manual workflows, enabling faster order processing and improving throughput. UCS integrates with the WMS and other warehouse technologies, to enable operational flexibility, streamline workflows and boost productivity.

“Körber’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of warehouse technology is reflected in these solutions,” said Elliott.

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