Language Translation Software for Supply Chain

Pocketalk, a provider of translation solutions, today announces availability of Ventana, its administration panel that allows organisations to gain insights from the language needs in their business, make data driven decisions and govern control over devices. For the first time companies can now gain control over real-time translation insights and management, revolutionising communication and removing language barriers.

Organisations will have the ability to securely export data from the Pocketalk devices to analyse data points such as the most used languages and usage to aid better business decisions.

Driven by customer demand Ventana was developed to be a centralised hub that allows users to group devices, analyse data and remotely manage functions to ensure safe and appropriate usage of the Pocketalks within the organisation. Security and privacy remain the cornerstone of Pocketalk and Ventana is no exception. Access to Ventana can be limited to those within an organisation with the need and requirement to access translation insight in order to improve services, offerings and support.

“Today many organisations engage with translation services in one form or another. Whether it be in person, via a phone service or through software such as Google Translate. The challenge is monitoring and analysing this activity is almost impossible, prohibiting organisations from making informed decisions when it comes to translation services based on need, “ explains Jessica O’Dwyer, General Manager, Europe, Pocketalk. “However, with Ventana you can now get that crucial insight from how many languages are being translated, to where translation is most in demand or whether there is a new demand. All of which can help improve efficiency and resourcing in a cost effective, secure way.


• Privacy-First Approach: GDPR compliant Ventana is designed as a privacy-first solution, aligning with Pocketalk’s commitment to safeguarding company and personal data. Ventana prioritises the security of information and ensures it is protected with above industry standards through robust product features, stringent policies, and rigorous procedures. Users can have peace of mind, knowing their data is in safe hands.
• View and Export Data: Access and export data on the languages being used and how frequently and where. This valuable insight allows organisations to make data-driven decisions and optimise their translation strategies.
• Group Device Management: Group devices and gain visibility into which areas of the organisation utilise the devices most frequently. This feature enables decision makers to optimise device usage and allocate resources efficiently.
• Device Management: Manage individual devices, ensuring smooth operation and peak performance. Users can monitor device functions and receive timely alerts in case of any issues, allowing them to take proactive measures to address concerns.

“The Ventana launch is further demonstration of how Pocketalk is committed to power conversations anywhere, at any time. Our commitment to #allspokenhere means we want everyone to have a voice and Ventana enables this to now happen across organisations such as hospitals to banks and parent teacher meetings. We are very excited about the future of language translation and our role in being able to support communications,” added O’Dwyer.

Language Translation Software

Language Translation Software

Today, the UK supply chain and logistics sector continue to face talent shortages. Historically, it has called upon international workers to fill roles such as driver and warehouse operatives, which has resulted in a highly diverse workforce, embracing people from all different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. According to research by Prologis UK, 12% of the logistics, warehousing, and supply chain workers in the UK as of mid-2023 were non-native English speakers. With this comes language barriers and communication challenges.

Pocketalk’s translation device is already helping in the logistics sector to bridge the gap, with its handheld device that translates into 84 languages instantly, including lesser spoken languages and dialects, quickly, accurately and safely.

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