Libiao Robotics and CJ Logistics Sign Robotics Partnership

On June 3 2024, Libiao Robotics and CJ Logistics signed a strategic robotics partnership agreement, to establish long-term co-operation between the companies. The signing ceremony was attended by Libiao Robotics’ CEO Xia Huiling, Director of CJ Logistics’ TES Logistics Technology Research Institute Kim Kyung-hoon, and respective teams from both sides.

Since 2022, Libiao Robotics’ sorting solutions have been successfully implemented across various CJ Logistics centers, achieving highly efficient and reliable operations. These collaborations have built mutual trust and consensus, laying the foundation for the strategic partnership. Under the agreement, Libiao Robotics will provide solutions to support CJ Logistics in developing and integrating relevant technologies, exploring new possibilities in the global market.

As a key player in the industry, CJ Logistics places great importance on discovering and experimenting with various new technologies. During this process, the unique capabilities of Libiao Robotics were identified. For instance, as Libiao Robotics’ deployment cycle represents an entirely different concept, its sorting solutions can be rapidly deployed within two weeks, compared to traditional solutions which can take several months to half a year.

Additionally, the fully modular solution allows the sorting system to be quickly relocated and expanded, enhancing capacity based on the existing sorting system. This feature is relatively distinct in the industry.

Meeting Modern Logistics Demands

In previous projects, Libiao Robotics’ solutions perfectly met the modern logistics demands for managing and sorting a large number of SKUs. The sorting robots have significantly increased efficiency compared to traditional methods. Additionally, their flexibility and scalability allow users to adjust the system based on seasonal demands, ensuring high sorting efficiency while effectively controlling energy consumption.

As the innovator of robotic sorting systems, Libiao Robotics has deployed nearly 50,000 robots worldwide, across six continents. Building on its mature sorting solutions, Libiao Robotics continues to innovate and develop new technologies applicable to other logistics processes.

CJ’s decision to enter a strategic partnership with Libiao Robotics will leverage both parties’ strengths, continuously driving technological innovation in logistics automation. New collaborative projects are expected to commence shortly. The signing of this partnership marks a further expansion of Libiao Robotics’ global strategic presence. Through comprehensive collaboration in technology and operations, the company aims to provide superior products and services to customers worldwide.

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