Linde Motion Detection makes handling safer

The Linde Motion Detection assistance system provides even better protection for pedestrians in warehouse environments as it is capable of detecting movement behind a stationary truck. In such cases, reversing is prevented and a warning signal sounded. Both employees and management benefit from this effective accident prevention system: The health of everyone present in the warehouse is better protected, the forklift driver’s job becomes easier, downtime or disruptions to operations are prevented to the greatest possible extent and, as a result, productivity is improved.

Linde MH is initially offering the sensor-based solution as an equipment option for the company’s new series of counterbalanced trucks. A retrofit solution, which will also be suitable for use on other makes of forklift, is to follow shortly.

Occupational safety and health protection are top priorities in many companies today. One of the most critical situations involving forklift trucks and pedestrians is the loading and unloading or picking up and putting down of loads. “If there are people behind the forklift when it starts reversing, an accident can quickly occur. Causes often lie in the behaviour of the people involved,” explains Fabian Zimmermann, Product Manager Safety.

“Pedestrians are inattentive and believe that the forklift driver can see them. Moreover, they do not expect that a forklift standing in front of a rack or in the block storage area could suddenly reverse. If, in addition, the driver is unwary for just a short moment and forgets to look over his shoulder, this can have serious consequences.

“In addition, the view to the area behind the vehicle can be obscured by blind spots, stored goods or racks. And the risk of accidents increases the more industrial trucks, pedestrians or even cyclists are present in logistics areas.”

Innovative technology

The Linde Motion Detection assistance system helps prevent such dangerous situations by warning both the forklift driver and any persons in the rear working area. A motion sensor reliably detects any movement behind the stationary vehicle, no matter the prevailing lighting conditions – regardless of whether the movement is triggered by people or other vehicles. In this case, the system automatically prevents or stops the approaching truck from reversing and the driver is alerted to the danger by a warning on the display.

In addition, the assistance system optionally sounds an acoustic signal to draw the attention of passers-by to the dangerous situation that has arisen and to trigger learning effects for everyone involved. To be able to continue driving after the warning has been issued, the driver has to actively put the accelerator pedal back in its starting position, which further increases safety.

Particularly in challenging working environments, such as poorly lit parts of the warehouse or areas where visibility is poor for structural reasons, the assistance system is an effective support and a relief for the driver. The detection area can be adapted to the respective operating and ambient conditions, which ensures a high degree of flexibility. In this way, critical situations are defused and unnecessary warnings prevented.

Linde Motion Detection is part of Linde MH’s comprehensive safety portfolio. With standard and optional assistance systems, such as the Linde Safety Guard or the Linde Safety Pilot, as well as consulting services, the company supports its customers in safe and efficient goods handling.


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