Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Rebrands

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, the leading international provider of online academic education for maritime professionals, announces its forthcoming rebrand. The rebrand comes in response to the post-pandemic impact on learning and education in the maritime industry and as a reflection of their never-ending pursuit of progression and lifelong learning.

Commenting on the refreshing of their brand, Veronica Araujo, Head of Performance Marketing of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy said: “It’s exciting times for Lloyd’s Maritime Academy. We have listened to our customers and embraced Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s legacy while looking into what’s yet to come for the sector to create a visual identity that’s both confident and dynamic. It felt like the perfect time to realign our brand identity with our values: Training that’s designed for, and around, the global maritime workforce of the future.”

The new branding is rooted in three strong pillars:
• Industry foresight: A brand that’s built to best serve the future of the maritime industry and its partners.
• For tomorrow’s workforce: Audience-focused, talking to the needs of students, workers, and leaders throughout their career.
• An ongoing legacy: Building on and celebrating the organisation’s enviable heritage, whilst embracing a technologically focused future of the maritime industry and its partners.

David Taylor, Head of Curriculum for Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, said: “We, and our customers are proud of our heritage and association with the Lloyd’s name, and this rebrand builds on that history to emphasise how we are supporting our maritime industry, and its most valuable asset, its people.”

“Creating a new and updated brand for a global organisation such as Lloyd’s Maritime Academy with deep roots and a fantastically loyal customer base is not for the faint of heart (!) but I’m delighted with the new identity that our design team have expertly put together. We really feel that this update reflects our modern approach to lifelong learning for a sector whose workforce is at the forefront of tackling global challenges such as climate change and food and energy security,” added Ted Bailey, Head of Digital Learning.

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy belongs to Informa Connect Academy, a premier provider of global education and training solutions that caters to a diverse range of professionals, industries, and educational partners. They are dedicated to promoting lifelong learning and are committed to offering learners expert guidance, training, and resources to help them stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. The new Lloyd’s Maritime Academy brand will be rolled out globally by the end of April 2023.

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