Loads of ATLS Solutions

Ancra Systems is a leading specialist automatic truck, trailer, and container loading and unloading solutions (ATLS) provider, with over 35 years of experience supporting a comprehensive package of standard and bespoke solutions. The company has a particular focus on cost-effective solution design, which has been developed to help it achieve its goals of improved loading and unloading efficiency, optimised logistics costs, improved worker ergonomics, and the elimination product damage.

Ancra Systems has experienced multiple incarnations over the years, with its origins going back to the 1970s as a subsidiary of the American firm Ancra International LLC, which sold products for load restraints handling air freight pallets. By the mid-1980s, Ancra Systems was producing and selling roller conveyors for air freight pallets, and it was during this period that the company took its first steps into loading and unloading systems. This was the beginning of Ancra Systems’ meteoric rise to the success it enjoys today. After a series of ownership changes, Ancra Systems became an independent company in 2005, after which its focus was set firmly on long-term growth. Consequently, by 2008, Ancra Systems was considered a market leader in the field of automatic loading and unloading systems.

Passion for Innovation

The company’s passion for innovation was bolstered by its exponential growth, culminating in the development of new systems and products, including 2019’s development of automatic train loading and unloading solutions. Additionally, in 2021, Ancra Systems developed and engineered a new version of Skateloader, which automatically loads high volumes of palletised goods or slip-sheeted goods into non-modified trucks, trailers, or containers in a total cycle time of approximately eight minutes.

As such, Ancra Systems currently acts as a one-stop shop ATLS manufacturer, with services including trailer systems, dock systems, and peripheral equipment. The company provides turn-key solutions for ATLS to both end customers and as a sub-contractor through system integrators. Thanks to its wealth of experience, Ancra Systems is able to seamlessly integrate ATLS systems into any automated production or warehouse system. Such solutions have a variety of benefits, including the optimisation of worker ergonomics, they improve dock utilisation and boost efficiency, and cut labour and equipment costs.

However, in order to achieve true excellence, Ancra Systems has delved into Modified Cargo Space Solutions (MCS) and Non-modified Cargo Space Solutions (NMCS) solutions. Indeed, MCS loading and unloading requires two combined systems – one in the truck or trailer and a fixed installation on the loading platform or warehouse. Truck loading conveyors and other automated solutions allow increased efficiency. Henceforth, through a direct connection to a production line or warehouse system, the rate of truck turns can escalate. Through the implementation of MCS solutions, truck loading and unloading times can be reduced from half an hour to just three minutes.

Meanwhile, NMCS solutions adjust automatically to the exact trailer position or the stationary system installation on the loading platforms in a warehouse or distribution centres – without modifications. It transfers a pre-staged collection of unit loads directly into a non-modified truck, trailer, or container. The most commonly used truck loading systems are for outbound service – thereby, the addition of these systems can reduce these processes from half an hour to just eight minutes. This system is perfect for loading or unloading palletised goods or non-palletised goods, or even at the same time.

Evolving Needs

Ancra believes it provides the most comprehensive package for both NMCS and MCS solutions on the market. It says it understands its clients’ specific needs and challenges, and it plans to leverage this knowledge to continue developing, engineering, and refining its technology to meet the evolving needs of its customers’ loading and unloading bays worldwide. A significant factor in this mission is trends, which the company strives to remain on top of. Ancra Systems endeavours to build the richest portfolio of ATLS solutions that it can offer to businesses around the world, whilst responding to movements within the industry.

Firstly, Ancra Systems aids businesses in line with rising labour costs, unavailability of workforce, the development of infrastructure, and the rapid growth of the eCommerce market. By offering its expert advice and experience of creating ATLS, Ancra Systems says it improves the overall work-face so that the business can work like clockwork, every day. Thanks to its wealth of experience, Ancra Systems can seamlessly integrate ATLS systems into any automated production or warehouse systems. Such solutions have a variety of benefits, including the optimisation of worker ergonomics, they improve dock utilisation and boost efficiency, and cut labour and equipment costs.

Secondly, the adoption of autonomous vehicles and robots in an increasing number of companies creates an important role for ATLS as the last related step in the logistic process, the loading of the truck is often still carried out manually. The future of logistics will at some point consist of fully automated production lines in combination with fully automatic loading of trucks and automatic transportation. As a step towards this goal, Ancra offers a range of solutions for the automatic loading of trucks, from large automatic systems that can load a full truckload into a trailer in one shot in several minutes to automatic forklifts that assist in the loading and unloading of goods. Ancra says it ensures a brighter future for all by successfully integrating ATLS. The systems elevate safety during the goods receipt and dispatch process within warehouses and focus on more economical logistic procedures. This means that better ROI is achieved and logistic chains are streamlined, helping to keep the wheels of logistics turning.

Ancra Systems says its future is summed up in one word: success. The company is utilising its experience and knowledge to ensure the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading operations for trucks, trailers, and shipping containers. Moreover, with demand rising in European and American markets, it can be expected that the company will further increase its operations within these areas.

Ancra Systems will be showcasing the capabilities of its solutions at the upcoming MODEX, (booth No. A9113 in Hall A) and LogiMAT (booth No. D61 in Hall 3) trade shows. There, Ancra will be demonstrating how it can help revolutionise logistics and supply chain processes by enhancing operational efficiency.

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