Locus Robotics’ Deals in Europe and Central America

Locus Robotics, a market leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfilment warehouses, has increased its global presence with expansion across two continents.

In Europe, the US-based robotics supplier has announced an expanded commitment to Italy and Poland, while in Central America, lifestyle brand, Solo Brands has deployed the award-winning AI-enabled Locus AMR Solution at its fulfilment warehouse in Mexicali, Mexico. The deal represents Locus’s first AMR deployment there. Locus’s intelligent robots leverage innovative technology and artificial intelligence to optimise productivity, lower costs, and improve workplace ergonomics and quality for workers.

“We are thrilled to continue to expand Locus’s transformative warehouse automation solutions to Italy and Poland as we continue to grow our European footprint,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “Our continued investment underscores our dedication to supporting and growing with our partners in Italy and Poland. Locus enables customers in these countries to optimise productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in their facilities, boosting output 2-3X while lowering labour costs by 50% or more. As the pressure grows on supply chains, our intelligent robots enable companies to cost-effectively scale and stay competitive. We enable the future of smart warehouses.”

Building on Locus’s existing presence and initial sites in both regions, Locus is further investing in these markets to bring its award-winning AMR warehouse automation solution to even more customers.

In Mexico, Faulk said: “LocusBots work collaboratively alongside Solo Brands’ workers, enhancing productivity, improving safety, and helping drive operational excellence. We are delighted to join forces with Solo Brands to speed order picking, lower labour costs, and deliver an amazing experience for their customers.”

He added that in today’s fast-paced and competitive e-commerce landscape, efficient order fulfilment was a key driver of customer satisfaction. Solo Brands’ decision to team up with Locus Robotics underscores its commitment to optimising operational efficiency, reducing order processing times, and ensuring timely delivery to customers worldwide.

“We are excited to partner with Locus Robotics to revolutionize our order fulfilment operations,” said Brett Kulesza, Operations Vice President of Solo Brands. “The integration of these advanced AMRs will not only increase the speed and accuracy of our order processing but also empower our dedicated workforce to focus on higher-value tasks, further elevating our overall efficiency.”

Locus’s intelligent robots utilise cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and elevate workplace ergonomics and quality for workers. Locus Robotics’ innovative AMRs are designed to work collaboratively with human associates and easily scale up and down to meet fluctuating order volumes during peak and standard seasons.

Its flexible robotics-as-a-service subscription model provides customers with a fully managed solution covering bots, upgrades, maintenance, and support. By collaborating with human workers, Locus enhances productivity and fulfilment efficiency. Its award-winning technology, algorithms, and real-time analytics optimise warehouse layouts, reduce travel time, and boost accuracy – enabling faster processing and reduced costs.

Locus is currently deployed at more than 65 sites in Europe – including the UK, serving dozens of retail, ecommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics customers. In August, Locus surpassed its 2 billionth pick globally, just 11 months after reaching the industry-first landmark of 1 billion picks.

“LocusBots have already helped our European customers in retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and logistics to significantly improve productivity and efficiency,” said Denis Niezgoda, Vice President, Eat Locus Robotics. “Our powerful and flexible AMR technology enables a wide range of businesses to easily meet today’s existing demand, seamlessly scale for future growth, and remain competitive within their industries.”
The AI and data science-driven LocusOne warehouse automation execution platform enables the smooth orchestration of multiple robotic form factors at enterprise-scale within a single coordinated platform.

It provides real-time optimisation of tasks to be completed within the four walls and across multiple levels in warehousing environments. LocusOne optimises task allocation, route planning, and resource use, while delivering real-time business insights into warehouse operations.

The Locus solution has won more than 27 industry awards, including the coveted IFOY award. Global businesses across industries like retail, ecommerce, logistics and 3PL have used Locus to pick more than 2 billion units worldwide with 99.99% accuracy. Locus AMRs easily deploy into existing warehouses and new greenfield sites without infrastructure changes or disrupting workflows. The Locus solution delivers a measurable return on investment (ROI) in just months vs. years.

Proven at enterprise scale, labour-challenged 3PL, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing operators can seamlessly add robots to increase capacity or meet growth in any operation in just minutes to optimize productivity in their operations, reduce costs, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving fulfilment and e-commerce landscape. accuracy reinforcing the company’s position as the premier robotics provider for the warehouse and logistics industry.

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