MAT Foundry Group moves to lithium-ion

MAT Foundry Group UK, a leading manufacturer of cast and machined products, has announced its move to lithium-ion in partnership with Jungheinrich.

Consisting of eight companies and stretching across three continents, the MAT Foundry Group’s seven foundries produce over 350,000 tonnes of iron per year, maintaining ten machining facilities across Europe, Asia, Central and North America combining to form one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of car parts.

The MAT Foundry group subsidiary Eurac Poole started using a combination of diesel and electric Jungheinrich trucks three years ago. Jungheinrich’s lithium-ion EFG trucks will be used to combat ergonomic and efficiency challenges that the drivers faced with the previous outdated warehouse fleet, such as easily rotating 180° within the tight working aisles.

Additionally, the investment in electric forklift trucks is just the latest in a growing number of green initiatives designed to improve the Group’s wider environmental efforts. In a bid to reduce MAT Foundry’s carbon footprint and work towards its sustainability goals, the move to lithium-ion trucks will create a cleaner atmosphere for workers, removing 279 tonnes of Co2 and reducing diesel consumption by as much as 60,000 litres.

Shaun Lindfield, Commercial Director at MAT Foundry Group UK, comments: “We are thrilled to integrate a fully electric fleet into our warehouse in January 2022. The desire for an efficient and more flexible fleet is paramount in our 24/7 operations. We currently use hydrostatic diesel but many retailers have stopped producing this, accelerating our move to lithium-ion and further allowing us to increase our commitment to sustainability initiatives.”

Phil Pearson, Director Region Two at Jungheinrich UK, comments: “MAT Foundry Group is a leader in engineering and manufacturing that requires a flexible, efficient and reliable fleet. Jungheinrich is thrilled to partner with such a forward thinking organisation to support its sustainability efforts in the move to a lithium-ion fleet.

The installation of the new fleet consisting of five EFG 425k, two EFG 535k and two EFG S50 will be deployed in January 2022.



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