Mitsubishi launches powerful new electric forklift

Changes to fuel subsidies, enhancements in battery technology and increasingly stringent emissions regulations mean electric trucks are becoming the new favourite – even in industries where diesel was once considered indispensable.

And now electric trucks offer more capabilities than ever before with the arrival of the new EDiA XL from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks.

Built with a wealth of unique and innovative features, Mitsubishi says its EDiA XL is the perfect alternative to IC engine trucks, having been designed to outperform not only its electric rivals, but also any diesel forklift.

Stewart Gosling of RDD, the exclusive UK importer for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, explains: “The new EDiA XL will do everything a diesel can do… only better. It is the first electric to fully overcome every issue that may have stopped some owners of IC engine trucks from making the switch to electric.”

Available in 4-5 tonne models, EDiA XL will handle heavy-duty applications with ease.

“In the past many industries favoured diesel for its brute strength, but electric forklifts like EDiA XL offer power like never before,” adds Gosling.

Take for example, the AutoBoost feature. This kicks in automatically to provide torque and acceleration boosts where and when they’re needed, like on ramps and steep inclines, so power drops are a thing of the past.

Even harsh environments are no match for EDiA XL. Its Electric Differential Lock feature gives the truck better traction and control both indoors and out.

“EDiA XL is an exceptionally intuitive forklift,” says Gosling. “Handling is smooth and precise, high lifts are rock-steady, while Four Wheel Steering enables a 100° lock delivering the smallest turning circle on the market – perfect for working in tight spaces. There’s no challenge the EDiA XL can’t overcome.”

Operator comfort has been placed front and centre with EDiA XL. With its ergonomic, adjustable seat, and its range of advanced control options, EDiA XL helps operators stay productive. Not least because noise levels inside the cabin are extremely low at just 65dB, and microvibrations are minimal thanks to the rubber-mounted cabin.

Gosling concludes: “The placement and design of the mast means operators have unparalleled visibility while working in a comfortable, stress-free environment, giving them the confidence to work efficiently and safely. Every detail has been considered in the EDiA XL. It really does set a new standard for forklift trucks.”

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