Modular Automation for Efficient Logistics

Smart automation solutions for the entire inbound and outbound logistics and intralogistics process are the key to increasing efficiency while reducing complexity for customized implementation. Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of modular automation solutions with hardware and software as well as open interfaces and engineering environments with no/low coding for quick project planning.

EcoShape: The quick way to a stable shop floor solution

With the further developed EcoShape tubular framing system, users can now plan and build shop floor solutions such as shelving and material trolleys even more efficiently. The new system offers a tenfold increase in dynamic load capacity. Additional connecting elements with internal clamping improve the frictional connection and provide more useful space, for example for supermarket shelves or material trolleys. The free MTpro planning software speeds up engineering, for example with quickly adaptable models. EcoShape is compatible with many other Rexroth components from the aluminum profile toolkit.

Linear motion technology: Quick commissioning

In new, highly automated small parts warehouses, linear robots pick goods around the clock. Cost-effective linear modules or complete multi-axis systems from Bosch Rexroth help to speed up the construction of dynamic pick-and-place systems. Low-maintenance electromechanical cylinders ensure the availability and controllability of the lifting systems of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Small modules (SMS), small electrified linear axes, transport masses of up to 88 kg in an energy-efficient manner. For all solutions, Bosch Rexroth offers smart e-tools for design, configuration, ordering and commissioning.

ACTIVE Shuttle: Ready for mixed operation with other mobile robots

The ACTIVE Shuttle autonomous mobile robot increases flexibility in intralogistics for multi-variant production. It communicates with the master control system in a future-proof manner via the standardized VDA 5050 interface. This interface, which is defined across manufacturers, is the result of a collaboration between the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the VDMA’s Materials Handling and Intralogistics group. It simplifies mixed operation with mobile robotic systems from other manufacturers. With the help of the associated fleet manager, the ACTIVE Shuttle Management System, users can also control and track a large number of transport jobs and their robots.

Flexible robotics: Software recognizes new products without having to be taught

Order picking is one of the core processes with the greatest shortage of workers. Smart Item Picking, the intelligent software toolkit for common industrial robots, recognizes a large number of objects to be gripped without models and without teaching. The software provides a full range of modules – from image processing and object recognition to path planning in a secure IPC environment. The hardware-independent solution combine high pick rates with significantly reduces error rates.

Comprehensive automation portfolio: The success factors modularity and openness

Modularity is the key to automating mobile robots quickly and easily. With the modular and efficient automation kit for warehouse and intralogistics applications, manufacturers of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can implement their know-how quickly and easily. As a result, they reduce the time to market for customer-specific solutions.

As an open complete solution, ctrlX AUTOMATION provides all the elements for integrated automatic control, regulation, connectivity, monitoring and optimization of intralogistics systems. The modular overall system provides hardware and software as well as services. In addition, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces the engineering work for intralogistics solutions by 30 to 50 % and allows efficient automation, for example in combination with the ROKIT robotics kit. Its components – ROKIT Locator, ROKIT Navigator and ROKIT Motor – handle localization, navigation and movement execution of mobile robots and can be controlled and linked via the intuitive aXessor graphical user interface.

Localization: A one fits all module for simple localization

The ROKIT Locator is an intelligent localization software and records the position of manually operated vehicles such as forklift trucks, automated guided vehicles and mobile robots of all kinds in real time in dynamic environments. No reflectors or markers are needed. The high-performance algorithm in the real-time localization system (RTLS) uses the information from a laser sensor on the vehicle and automatically records and maps the natural surroundings. During operation, the ROKIT Locator recognizes changes in the environment, automatically updates the map of the surroundings and then makes it available to the entire fleet. Thanks to the flexible integration options, straightforward commissioning and intuitive use of the software components, manufacturers can reduce their development and application costs as well as their service requirements at the end customer.

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