Mooij introduces double-floor containers

Mooij Forwarding & Logistics has taken 18 containers with a double-deck loading system into use, to start intermodal large-volume transport on European corridors.

This unique form of transport means maximum cost savings plus benefits for the environment. The containers can be swapped easily to other transport modes (road, water, rail); in this way, large-volume transport is entering intermodal transport.

“After the corona crisis, we are confronted with the environmental crisis,” says director Nico Mooij. “The roads are getting full again and most HGVs are still running on diesel. We need to make a modal shift as quickly as possible: more transport by train and by ship. We can do this with these containers, combined with a perfect organisation of pre- and post-transport, and real-time tracking.”

Mooij Forwarding & Logistics maintains daily services between various destinations in Eastern and Western Europe. Large-volume trailers with a double-loading floor have been used for this for some time. To supplement this, Mooij developed a double loading concept for sea containers. Mooij now also offers its double deck transports multimodal (road/rail/inland shipping/shortsea/ferry).

The 45ft containers in the high-cube version have an internal height of 298cm. Vertical profiles have been fitted to the inner walls with which loading beams can be hooked in horizontally at any desired height. This doubles the capacity of the container from 33 to 66 euro pallets (or from 27 to 54 block pallets).

The containers are transported by road on special low container chassis that are used at loading point and destination. The containers can be transferred to a different transport mode at any multimodal terminal.

Mooij says: “We offer transport to almost any destination, with potential savings of 25% to 35% compared to other providers.” He expects to increase the number of double-deck containers in the future, as well as the number of destinations.


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