Mosca presents tailored solutions for safe transport

From empty cans to filled bottles: Mosca will be presenting two different solutions for securing beverage containers at DrinkTec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage industry, from 12 to 16 September (booth C6.351). The KZV-111 pallet strapping machine and Saturn S6 stretch wrapper are tailored to end-of-line packaging needs in the beverage industry and designed to ensure safe and stable transport to beverage manufacturers and consumers.

Regardless of the material or size of the containers, safe and efficient transport in the beverage industry requires a stable load. But different requirements must be met depending on the type of container. Christian Grosskopf, Sales Manager Food & Beverage at Mosca, explains: “While beverage cans run the risk of being deformed during transport, glass bottles must be carefully protected from breakage. The means of transport protection must also be suitable for further processing. For example, empty beverage cans must be transported as efficiently as possible in large quantities. Filled bottles need to meet the high demands of the retail trade.”

It is also important to ensure that staff can easily remove the goods from the pallets. At the same time, displays that are visible to customers at the point of sale must not be smudged during transport. At DrinkTec, Mosca will be showcasing two solutions that meet the different requirements at the end of the packaging line.

Empty beverage cans on their way to the filling plant are lightweight, come in various sizes, and need to be transported in large quantities. But a mixture of different container sizes can often be found on the same pallet. If one can falls off, the remaining load should remain stable. This requires structural support on the top and sides of the load along with a light pressure to secure the cans for transport. A task that is managed perfectly by the Mosca KZV-111 pallet strapping machine.

Specially designed for strapping goods on pallets, it can create the right amount of downforce on empty cans through vertical strapping. The KZV-111 uses sustainable PET strapping made of 100% recycled materials, secures up to 61 pallets per hour for transport and saves resources. Securing even the heaviest pallets only requires a narrow plastic strap, which helps reduce material consumption and minimise the carbon footprint.

The other machine on the Mosca display stand is also designed to secure pallets. The Saturn S6 stretch wrapper from the Mosca Movitec brand wraps up to 120 pallets per hour with fully adjustable speed and tension controls. During the wrapping process, the products remain static while a film reel circles horizontally around the pallet. Stretch wrapping is ideal for securing filled beverage cans or breakable bottles.

The main focus is on protecting the products against external influences and simplifying manageability at the point of sale. Thanks to the elasticity of the wrapping material – with up to 300% film pre-stretching – and the optional top sheet dispenser, the load remains stable during transport and cardboard bottle carriers are protected from moisture or dust. Supermarket staff can strip off the film layer by layer and ergonomically remove pallets from the stack.

The Saturn S6 ring wrapper can easily label the palletised goods by applying a band/strip on the film with no trace of adhesive residue. An efficient cutting and welding system seals the film across the entire surface and eliminates film tails at the end of the wrapping cycle.


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