NAiSE offers material flow automation

In such an active industry automation environment, it is challenging to find the right solution that will help companies achieve better results and revenues. Intralogistics is becoming increasingly important and has a greater impact on other departments. Many companies are wondering what can help them make material flow more efficient. The answer to that question is automation.

In this way, companies save resources, ensure greater security, activities are performed, and results are satisfied in less time.

NAiSE GmbH is a company that offers a material flow automation solution, and it is maximising safety and efficiency of intralogistics by integrating all participants of intralogistics into holistic Order- & Traffic management with traffic control of AGVs/AMRs, forklifts, tugger trains and pedestrians. NAiSE enables smart coordination, efficient processes and the best decisions in intralogistics for each company which is using one of our products with flexible and user-friendly indoor-safety system.

The company, which has been operating since 2017 and now has 10 employees, has a showroom is located in Stuttgart at Arena2036. NAiSE is offering three products to companies with a need for improvements and innovation of intralogistics: NAiSE Traffic, NAiSE Safety and NAiSE Tracking.

Also, there are additional services that are provided as support for implementation of the solution. With its solutions, it claims companies are gaining 30% more efficiency and 20% less costs.

NAiSE has recently achieved remarkable results. As one of 14 companies nominated for the IFOY Award, NAiSE had the opportunity to present its NAiSE Traffic product at an event in Dortmund. This product has been named one of the “Best of Intralogistics”. The presentation included robots from symovo and Omron, with which NAiSE has recently partnered.  According to the criteria, NAiSE is officially the VDA5050 compatible solution.

NAiSE is currently in the process of planning various partnerships, sales and marketing activities, as well as participation in various events and fairs, and one of them is Logimat 2022 together with the omlox community.

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