Nano tape “has strength to replace nails”

Sometimes called ‘magic tape’, a transparent and lightweight double-sided nano tape from Kite Packaging can hold objects up to 1kg in weight. Its outstanding adhesive strength makes it an incredibly versatile product for an assortment of decorating, DIY or domestic applications in addition to the professional purposes it can satisfy within an office or a warehouse.

To use, simply cut off the required amount, seal it onto almost any surface and attach the item you want to suspend. The tape can even be reused by peeling it off the surface, washing with water and leaving it to dry naturally to regain its stickiness. Hence, Kite says its nano tape is a sustainable, multi-purpose solution built to last.

Within a packing station, tapes, scissors or label dispensers can be secured at the most convenient position for the user. The advantage of non-permanent fittings is the flexibility it grants the space. For small businesses, a pack bench may double as a product image backdrop and the tape can facilitate this transformation via the easy removal of suspended objects or the quick tidying up of the flat surface.

Office applications include organising workspaces to be as ergonomic and easily customisable as possible through attaching pens, pencils, calendars and posters to walls or desk divisions. Furthermore, you can elevate desks without causing slipping by inserting tape underneath a table leg, for example.

The nano tape is also popular for household tasks such as hanging picture frames or mirrors without inflicting potential damage to the wall. The clear and washable appearance will not interfere with any existing colour schemes while providing optimal decorative freedom for the user. The tape offers excellent versatility and convenience with the potential to revolutionise many processes.



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