New advanced stackers join UniCarriers line-up

UniCarriers has extended its product line with the addition of 16 new pedestrian stacker trucks. Available in models ranging from 1 to 1.6 tonnes, the MSF and MSW stackers excel at picking, loading, unloading, shuttling and stacking up to 5.4 metres.

The MSF features a damped fold-down platform making it ideally suited to tasks where operators are required to travel over long distances. Several MSW and MSF stackers also come with initial lift which allow high ground clearance for ramp work. On 1.6-tonne models, side stabilisers keep the truck steady to enable operators to safely lift heavy loads to a higher height. For optimal productivity, some models are available for double pallet stacking using the initial lift on the support forks.

MSF and MSW stackers feature an advanced tiller head that is fully weather and IP65 protected for use in all climate conditions. Large, ergonomic buttons mean handling is easy and comfortable throughout long shifts helping to reduce fatigue and ensure the operator can stay focused. The tiller is also placed at an optimum height for better visibility and safer handling.

Powerful and enduring

Minimal maintenance and downtime are key factors in the hard-working MSF and MSW stackers. The robust chassis is built to endure heavy-duty tasks in the toughest conditions while protecting components to prolong service life. The narrow truck width also offers exceptional manoeuvrability when working in tight spaces.

The new MSF and MSW stackers utilise AC drive motor technology which delivers more torque for greater efficiency, smoother handling, supports easier control resulting in less damage, and ensures a longer lasting battery. For reliable power, these new stackers have the option of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which offer opportunity charging for complete operational flexibility.

Standard features include an LCD display on all stacker models to show truck mode and error codes. Optional features are also available including accessory racks, load backrests and PIN code login.

As part of UniCarriers’ full-maintenance site support, all stackers utilise a modular build using fewer components for faster repairs and servicing.


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