New all-in-one Wearable Scanner

IPCMobile (founded as Infinite Peripherals), a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, announced the launch of HaloRing, a groundbreaking all-in-one wearable scanner (Android).

With its powerful processor, integrated connectivity and multi-colour high-resolution display, HaloRing allows users to move freely through their workflows using just a single thumb while sending and receiving real-time information. The enterprise browser allows for quick and seamless deployment of HaloRing without the need for developing native applications, and users can efficiently scale resources through their workflow and manage each device in real time with the Quantum IQ device management platform.

All of these innovative features are packed into a sleek, ultra-compact form factor that weighs in at just 2.6 ounces, creating a solution that’s uniquely designed not only to increase productivity, but also to reduce fatigue and prevent repetitive stress injuries.

“This is yet another example of our ability to study an enterprise workflow and create a solution that has never existed previously,” said IPCMobile Founder and CEO Jeff Scott. “Combining specialized hardware with award-winning software, it will be extremely exciting to see just how far we can take this technology.”

“To say that HaloRing can future-proof your business would be an understatement,” said IPCMobile Chief Technology Officer John Broderick. “The true power of HaloRing is its ability to create a bridge between legacy technology and workflows over to your desired future state. It’s a transformational device that meets you where you are today with tethered Bluetooth solutions, yet allows you to build toward tomorrow with true enterprise mobility over Wi-Fi, writing directly to the system of record.”

“Fitting such powerful capabilities within a light, compact and ergonomic data acquisition device will create a paradigm shift in how businesses and their employees utilize technology within their workflows,” said IPCMobile Chief Engineering Officer John Vargas. “HaloRing eliminates the need for a static and expensive separate host device, which further empowers workers to address the need for untethered workflows to increase productivity and improve the quality of their services.”

Ergonomic Design – HaloRing’s patent-pending design helps the user maintain a neutral wrist position, reducing fatigue and providing freedom of movement and user comfort no matter the hand size or if the operator is right- or left-handed. A comfortable two-finger design improves balance while increasing productivity in scan-intensive applications with maximum versatility, comfort, functionality and performance.

Rapid Deployment – HaloRing comes pre-loaded with the RapidWedge keyboard that allows your business to start scanning immediately into your existing applications, with no development costs and zero maintenance of code over time. Additionally, with an Android OS, developers can leverage Intents to control HaloRing’s three programmable buttons to go beyond scanning and program for time-saving workflows without sacrificing ergonomics.

Enterprise Browser – With HaloRing, there is no need to write native applications, and developers can access HaloRing features using available JavaScript APIs without the native Android platform’s steep learning curve. This will help users increase their speed to market while also lowering development and maintenance costs.

Responsive Notifications – HaloRing’s proprietary Ring Scanner Language (RISL) means you can create efficient closed-loop workflows without the need for any code. Simply create the necessary business logic in your system of record, and HaloRing will take care of the rest, triggering essential two-way communications with fewer potential points of failure.

Device Management – Manage your growing fleet of devices with Quantum IQ. Streamline asset configuration initiated over-the-air, or benefit from a holistic view into the device’s health and proactively take action to keep users productive. Understand your business with custom analytics reporting and measure the things that matter most to you.

Freedom – HaloRing offers best-in-class ring scanner performance and is not tethered nor restricted to pairing with a nearby computer. Experience the freedom with the only ring scanner of its kind to have its own OS that can connect to your network and back office, creating a higher return on investment and a lower overall cost of ownership.

Designed for Productivity – Hands-free 1D/2D scanning allows workers to use both hands to move packages, products, or materials. Maximize efficiency and productivity with the input navigation, selection, and confirmation using the fully programmable push buttons.

Enterprise Ready – HaloRing’s rugged design offers more features and functionality than any other ring scanner on the market. Stringent drop specifications and a broad operating temperature range ensure reliable performance in the most extreme environments. A smart, user changeable battery, IP65 rating, and 65,000-color AMOLED display.

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