New lithium-ion options for Hyster® UT forklift range

The choice of lithium-ion forklift options is set to step up a gear with the launch of several new competitively priced models from Hyster. The new four-wheel UTL and three-wheel UTTL lithium-ion counterbalance forklifts provide the dependability and strength expected from the Hyster brand, and are bolstered by unmatched aftermarket support, warranty, and fast parts supply.

“Forklift buyers can now have all the benefits of lithium-ion on a no-nonsense forklift they can depend on, with lift capacities up to 3.5 tonnes and a reach up to 6m,” says Robert O’Donoghue, Vice President Marketing and Product Solutions, EMEA for Hyster. “What’s more, these zero-emission trucks are easy to maintain, provide a low total cost of ownership and are supported by one of the strongest lift truck distribution networks in the market to keep industrial businesses moving.”

The new models include the J1.5-3.5UTL series alongside the J1.6-2.0UTTL series, and will be available across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. All the models feature long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that are integrated via a battery box underneath the seat, with various options available.

“Users can expect a fast, full charge in about two and a half hours on most models providing a responsive performance, consistent lifting power and travel speeds up to 16km/h,” he says. “The batteries can also be opportunity charged in available breaks to fully meet the application requirements, even over multiple shifts.”

The new forklifts are ideal for stacking and moving goods around yards, storage areas, or loading bays in various manufacturing and materials handling operations, inside and out. There is reduced time on maintenance with no cleaning or watering required, and the fast charging does not have any adverse effects on the battery life. Furthermore, space-eating battery charging and changing stations are no longer needed.

The lithium-ion battery, which is factory fitted, has an attractive 5-year warranty (or 7500 hours) as standard. The battery box can also be replaced if required (e.g. for a lead acid battery) later in the truck’s lifecycle.

“These lithium-ion forklifts are another demonstration of how Hyster is powering your possibilities. They are highly dependable, easy to operate, simple to maintain and meet local emissions standards, supporting businesses in their own sustainability goals,” Robert says. “And with the strong Hyster dealer network, customers have the peace of mind that there is aftermarket support and parts readily available for any units in need of immediate repair, alongside the protection of a fully backed warranty.”

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