New Roller Belt Launched

MEGALINEAR Live Roller Belt 45mm is Megadyne‘s latest innovation for the logistics industry. Engineered for reliability, durability, and efficiency, it exceeds the demands of automated warehouse systems. Made from polyurethane 85° ShA, with high-grip surfaces to enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance, it offers a dependable solution in a sector that cannot afford sudden breakdowns.

Introducing the MLR-45

With its easy installation, fast on-site replacement, and smooth splicing, MLR-45 roller belt ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Join Megadyne at LogiMAT 2024, Hall 5, booth A44, to discover more about MLR-45 and other logistics solutions. The company are happy to meet customers and discuss how to assist your business and its needs.

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Megadyne introduces ‘game-changing’ rubber belt


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