New Vertical Automated Warehouse Products

Modula, a leading company in the field of vertical automated warehouses, ideal for saving time, space, and reducing picking errors, introduces two new products with lift features but new applications.

The first is Modula Pallet, groundbreaking automatic vertical solution, revolutionizing the way businesses handle 1200×800 mm pallets. Designed to operate seamlessly without the need for traditional forklifts, this innovative system streamlines warehouse operations and enhances efficiency.

The key feature of Modula Pallet is its ability to handle pallets directly from the ground, eliminating the reliance on forklifts for elevation. The load is smoothly transported on the ground and then efficiently loaded into the warehouse responsible for the lifting process. This not only ensures a more straightforward workflow but also relieves operators from the challenges associated with handling materials at heights.

Moreover, Modula Pallet enables the strategic storage of pallets at elevated positions while ensuring convenient ground-level delivery. The use of a pallet jack or manual forklift suffices for internal warehouse movements, simplifying the overall logistics process. This makes it the optimal solution for businesses dealing with a moderate number of pallets, ranging from a few tens to a few hundred, aiming to maximize warehouse organization by capitalizing on vertical storage space.

A notable feature of Modula Pallet is its facilitation of piece picking, allowing operators to access individual items directly through the picking window without the need to move the entire pallet. This represents a significant innovation, enhancing speed, precision, and ergonomic considerations in the picking process.

In the ever-evolving landscape of warehouse automation, Modula also developed Modula Next emerges as a game-changer, not just as a conventional lift system, but as a versatile vending machine catering to diverse industry needs.

Modula Next (pictured below) operates like a lift but thinks like a vending machine. Thanks to a system of movable windows, managed by dedicated software, only the compartment where the operation needs to be performed becomes available to the picking operator.

This has two advantages:
1. the operator cannot make a mistake in retrieval even among similar items,
2. every movement is tracked, and it is known exactly who took what and when, with no margin for error.

One innovative application of Modula Next is its capability to function as a vending machine, facilitating the one-to-one distribution of personal protective equipment or personal effects. This feature makes it an invaluable asset for companies keen on optimizing the management of individualized items.

Consider the scenario of companies supplying parts or components to other businesses. By strategically placing a fully stocked Modula Next unit at the client’s facility, the client can efficiently retrieve spare parts or components only when necessary and in the required quantities. This approach brings numerous advantages, including the elimination of time wasted on excess inventory, meticulous inventory control, and the ability to trace every withdrawal. Most notably, for the supplying company, it becomes a guarantee that the client exclusively purchases its products, eliminating the need to explore alternatives from competitors.

The utilization of Modula Next in this manner represents a paradigm shift in inventory management, providing businesses with a level of precision and efficiency that was previously hard to achieve. As industries continue to seek innovative solutions for their logistical challenges, Modula stands out as a reliable and adaptable tool, reshaping the way companies approach inventory distribution and ensuring a seamless and streamlined process for clients and suppliers alike.

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