nShift acquires Danish delivery management platform

nShift, a global provider of cloud delivery management solutions for e-commerce shops, retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics companies has acquired Webshipper. Webshipper is a leading e-commerce cloud delivery management platform, serving over 5,000 e-commerce stores in Denmark, including Hummel, Miinto, Message, Pilgrim, and Shaping New Tomorrow.

Following nShift’s launch in August 2021, Webshipper will become the company’s second acquisition, as it continues to increase its extensive library of 700+ carriers and expand its 90,000+ strong customer base internationally. By integrating Webshipper’s user-friendly interface, advanced back-end technology and prominent support model, Webshipper will further advance nShift’s capabilities as a global leader in cloud delivery management.

“We have experienced tremendous growth as a company, with revenue increasing more than 100% over the last year, and the team quadrupling in size in just two years,” said Thomas Andersen, CEO and founder of Webshipper. “We are now delighted to be joining the growing nShift family and to be working alongside some of the world’s most innovative technology providers in the shipping and logistics sector. As a part of nShift, we look forward to being able to continue the momentum we have created and benefit from the infrastructure and network that nShift has to offer.”

Webshipper is the first Danish company to be acquired by nShift and will join Sweden-based Returnado (rebranded to nShift Return since its acquisition by nShift) in adding critical technology to nShift’s cloud delivery management platform. nShift is owned by two leading technology investors, Francisco Partners and Marlin Equity Partners, both of which are supportive of nShift offering their customers the most innovative full suite of shipping features, widest geographic coverage and deepest domain knowledge and technical expertise available in the market.

“We have been extremely impressed at how quickly Webshipper have scaled their offering, and are excited to begin embedding its frictionless automated shipping technology and bolster our wide portfolio of advanced cloud delivery management solutions for our customers,” added Lars Pedersen, CEO of nShift.“This latest acquisition further demonstrates our commitment to becoming the most innovative player in the business, to continuously enhance and improve the delivery management journey for our customers.”

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