OCI ranked “third-fastest-growing company” in Europe

OCI, ranked as the third-fastest-growing company in Europe, has developed a powerful new way for organisations to overcome their supply chain challenges: commercial process outsourcing (CPO). The third-placed ranking is according to the Financial Times Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies report researched by Statista.

Listed as the fastest-growing UK business, OCI achieved revenues of €568.3m in 2020. The company attributes its CAGR of 409.59% to its ability to adapt quickly and resourcefully to the turbulent times the world has found itself in.

Optimisation of the supply chain is one of the most important business challenges today. Brexit and Covid19 have exacerbated the issue, which is fast becoming more acute due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. OCI specialises in solving these challenges for large corporates and governments and its CPO service has underpinned its rapid growth.

“We are solving problems for the world’s biggest market,” explained Oliver Chapman (pictured), CEO and founder of OCI. “Everything people have, their clothes, furniture, cars, and the food they eat was subject to a supply chain.

“Looking ahead, OCI will continue to focus its efforts on digital supply chains, as the global trade and value of data will dramatically surpass that of tangible goods by 2025.”

OCI empowers its clients, and notably their buyers and suppliers, to collectively overcome their supply chain issues with solutions including; contract negotiations and flexible funding. Its unique approach harnesses bespoke technology and business intelligence practices to automate procurement and sales processes.

Its know-how entails a broad range of internal expertise, encompassing trade experts, financiers and years of practical experience in dealing with intractable supply chain issues.

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