ORBIS launches brown box replacement

ORBIS Europe, an international manufacturer of innovative and sustainable plastic transport packaging, has launched its reusable PlastiCorr boxes at the Sustainability in Packaging Europe event in Barcelona.

It is the first direct replacement for single-use corrugated packaging on the market requiring no changes to pack out quantity or logistics processes. ORBIS says PlastiCorr is ideal for FMCG applications with closed supply chain loops including inbound receiving and finished goods to co-pack. By switching from corrugated to plastic, users benefit from long-term cost savings, a significant overall reduction in the environmental impact and improved efficiency and cleanliness on site.

“With this reusable and recyclable solution, ORBIS makes a huge step towards a coherent circular economy in FMCG supply chains,” says Jürgen Krahé, Senior Commercial Director EMEA at ORBIS. “Our sustainability journey continues. PlastiCorr caters to companies’ sustainability targets while helping to save costs.”

The plastic boxes are reusable up to 70 cycles through the supply chain for a significant ROI of 30% or more.

More than 65% of all transport packaging in Germany is made from corrugated board. Thus, paper and cardboard account for the majority of packaging waste in the EU. But fibre corrugated recycling uses huge amounts of water every year. Krahé says: “With our new product, water consumption decreases by around 90%. At the same time, we offer a more sustainable alternative in times of shortages in paper supply.

PlastiCorr is designed to perform identically as a single-use fibre corrugated box – with superior performance qualities. The all-plastic design eliminates dust and moisture issues common with corrugate for enhanced box durability and merchandise protection. All edges are sealed to reduce the potential harbour area for contaminants and improve safety and ergonomics.

PlastiCorr works with most non-glue automated packaging lines and is compatible with existing box sealing methods (no residue tape, bands). The patented design offers repeatable, reliable performance: The Enfold technology allows box flaps to return to the straight position after each use, so the boxes stay within spec after multiple uses to reduce line downtime.

ORBIS offers a sustainable way of handling of empty boxes during return shipment and storage: Custom sleeve packs are used to consolidate, orient and protect the reusable PlastiCorr boxes. Truck and warehouse utilisation can be optimised by double and triple stacking. At the end of the service life, PlastiCorr is 100% recyclable. ORBIS offers to buy back the plastic materials and uses them for new packaging production.

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