Packaging firm increases storage efficiency

Aranco, a leader in industrial packaging services, has a versatile and agile 2,000 sq m warehouse equipped with AR Racking storage solutions in the town of Massamagrell (Valencia, Spain). The facility is in keeping with Aranco’s innovative spirit where diverse components of its wrapping machinery will be stored.

With more than 25 years of experience, Aranco is a comprehensive supplier of innovative, profitable and high-quality solutions with pallet wrapping machines and high-performance film. After a detailed study of the raw materials, finished product and machinery, AR Racking designed and executed the implementation of several different storage solutions in the new warehouse. The adjustable pallet racking, drive in racking and live pallet racking systems have generated 1,960, 288 and 288 positions for pallets, respectively.

The combination of the different storage systems will provide Aranco with versatile, agile and maximum efficiency warehouse operations. The installation was completed in 30 days.

“We offer comprehensive custom services for each wrapping process and our customers a 24/7 service. This requires high precision in all the process phases. In AR Racking we have found the ideal partner to maximise the efficiency of our warehouse, which will be key in our operations,” explained, Gaizka Lara Goiricelaya, CEO of Aranca.

Additionally, in the workshop several bays with adjustable pallet racking and longspan shelving with mesh have been installed. A carton flow rack system area has also been enabled for product preparation.

“The customer now has a fully optimised warehouse space with the combination of direct access storage solutions and high-density storage systems. We thank Aranco for fully trusting in us,” added Javier Miquel, AR Racking project manager.

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