Pallet Buffer System can Sequence 460 p/hr

Intelligent automated solutions provider Dematic announces the completion of an automated buffer and sequencing system for Vectura AS, Norway’s leading distributor and supplier of logistics services for alcoholic beverages.

The new system is an upgrade to the company’s automated pallet warehouse in Gjelleråsen near Oslo. Vectura, with a 52-percent share of the Norwegian market, delivers 50 million units annually to government-owned Vinmonopolet stores, wholesalers and to the hotel and catering industries. The system provides Vectura with a dynamic pallet despatch buffer that introduces higher levels of automation to its order preparation and dispatch operations.

The automated buffer and sequencing system has been installed on a roughly 700 square meter mezzanine structure. It operates at two levels to make maximum use of space. Pallets are prepared and buffered on one level and then transferred to the dispatch area on the other level using an elevator and transfer cars. The system processes up to 150 pallets per hour and can sequence up to 460 pallets at a time.

Finn Biller, a sales Manager at Dematic, notes, “The pandemic created a great many challenges for completing the project according to plan. Yet, we did manage to complete the new system through mutual flexibility and trust. Together, we have laid the path for greater productivity and higher throughput.”

Håvard Berg, an IT and business development manager at Vectura, confirms the productive cooperation, stating, “We have experienced Dematic as a consistent and supportive partner, always providing the resources required. Our operations never experienced downtime during the entire installation phase. With Dematic’s assistance, we can now accelerate our processes and provide even more efficient and responsive service to our customers.”

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