Podcast: Warehouse Automation – Can you afford not to?

Warehouse Automation – Can you afford not to? is the latest episode of our Podcast service, ‘Logistics Business Conversations’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify, Acast, Amazon Audible and other podcast distribution platforms – just search for ‘Logistics Business Conversations’.

Peter MacLeod speaks to Malcolm Porter and Daniel Wood, Automation Sales Managers at Linde Materials Handling. They discuss thoughts on the future of manual forklifts versus the importance of automation, providing you with an understanding of when each should be used. As usual we touch on the impact of labour shortages and the common misconceptions Dan and Malcolm face.

Warehouse automation – can you afford not to?

Hear answers to key questions from these experts, including: how disruption is minimised when introducing automation; what the minimum return on investment is to justify automating; what are the challenges and misconceptions being overcome; what can and cannot be done; what is the total cost of ownership; what are the viable options; what repetitive and mundane tasks can be replaced by automation; what lithium and fast-charge technology is available; how can you plan and simulate before deciding; where to find a good demo site; is automation relatively inflexible.

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Malcolm Porter, Linde Materials Handling

Dan Wood, Linde












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