Print pre-sized labels from your phone

Brady Corporation describes its new M211 Label Printer as a lightweight, sturdy and wearable device that prints both pre-sized and continuous labels to identify cables and components. It can create even complex labels that can all be designed, printed and previewed from your phone.

The new M211 Label Printer can easily be clipped to any belt. It connects seamlessly to smartphones via Bluetooth and is driven by Brady’s Express Labels App. The app allows to quickly design, preview and print labels and to integrate data from spreadsheets. According to Brady, no other phone driven label printer today matches the label design possibilities of the M211. In addition, designs can be saved and shared between colleagues, either in the field or at the office.

Tested, quality labels

Quite unique for an entry-level portable label printer, is the M211’s ability to print on both continuous and pre-sized labels. Brady offers M211 users 90+ different label cartridges to choose from. These include general purpose and dedicated labels, designed for reliability in specific applications.

Brady has technical data sheets with label test results that evaluate adhesion to various types of flat and curved surfaces, and label print resistance to humidity, abrasion, heat, cold, weathering and other influences.

The new M211 Label Printer prints up to 300 labels on a single battery charge. Yet the system weighs only 0.5kg, and has a compact design to make it extremely wearable. At the same time, the M211 is a tough device. Tests indicate the tiny printer survives 1.8m falls, 110kg crushes and military specification shocks. Next to its ability to survive almost any job site, the M211 features ‘drop-lock-print’ label cartridges designed for swift ‘on-the-job’ consumable switching.

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