Pyroban acquires MEWP manufacturer Euro Access

Explosion-proof safety company Pyroban has acquired specialist work platform manufacturer Euro Access Ltd in Cork, Ireland. The purchase has allowed the original founders to retire knowing their legacy will live on in a company they founded more than 20 years ago.

Euro Access, founded in 1996, manufactures ground support equipment specifically used for the maintenance of military aircraft. The specially designed access platforms enable maintenance engineers to reach the nosecone and other confined areas of the fighter jets.

“The area around each aircraft is formally classified as Zone 1, meaning a potentially explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during normal operations, so the access platform must be explosion-proof and meet ATEX 2G compliance,” says Steve Noakes, Managing Director of Pyroban. “To support safety, Pyroban was involved in the equipment’s original design process and certification in the 1990s with Euro Access’ founders Paul and Michael.”

Since then, Pyroban has continued to supply Euro Access with hundreds of explosion-proof kits which are fitted on the production line in Cork, Ireland. The strong relationship that developed led the founders to approach Pyroban as a suitable new owner in early 2021.

“Euro Access fits perfectly within our portfolio because it has great synergies with Pyroban’s innovative, safety-driven culture and bespoke engineering capabilities,” says Noakes. “It is also aligned with our existing support for many organisations in the military and aerospace sectors and opens up further opportunities to expand our offerings.  We are proud to be the new owners of Euro Access, starting a new and exciting chapter in the long-standing relationship.”

Euro Access was started by Paul McHugh and Michael Buckley, who had previously worked for leading Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) manufacturers. They saw an opportunity to develop the specialist equipment due to their technical knowledge, understanding of the military application, and ATEX experience. The company soon became an Approved supplier to BAE Systems Ltd. (formerly British Aerospace) and the wider military partnerships globally.

“Euro Access has been our passion for the last 25 years, but it is time for us to retire and let our legacy live on with a strong custodian that has the same values, principles and engineering excellence,” says McHugh.

Sussex (UK)-based Pyroban provides explosion protection conversions for materials handling equipment, including many other brands and types of MEWP. It also delivers and maintains explosion protected diesel engine packages and kits for well service applications. Pyroban is part of the Longacre Group, with strong financial backing to support ambitious acquisition plans over the next five years.

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