Racking Aids Warehouse Expansion

PFERD-Rüggeberg S.A., a leading brand in grinding tool solutions for treating surfaces and cutting materials, has extended its logistics warehouse in Júndiz, Álava, Spain entrusting in the industrial storage specialist AR Racking for the advice, design and installation of the warehouse extension.

PFERD’s ongoing commitment to quality and improvement processes have led to the recent extension of one of its 8 production centres worldwide. Located in Júndiz (Álava), AR Racking has installed an adjustable pallet racking system in the 2,500 m2 warehouse. PFERD’s priority was that this extension would provide it optimum stock control and agile warehouse operations. Adjustable pallet racking (or selective racking) is a very versatile system and also allows immediate access to all the unit loads. This installation has provided PFERD with a capacity for almost 3,200 pallets which took AR Racking just 2 weeks to complete. Watch the video here.

According to Juan Zubieta, PFERD’s Planning and Purchasing Manager, “AR Racking offered us a solution in line with our needs to continue improving and to be more competitive in an incredibly demanding market, and the truth is that the project was completed in full conformity and with a high-quality service”.

AR Racking provides comprehensive industrial storage support, advising on and planning the installations, delivery times, product and installation instructions. Mikel Bilbao, AR Racking Sales Executive commented that “the solution installed will optimise the loading and unloading operations, reducing times, which will allow PFERD to provide a better customer service”.

PFERD, German multinational, is one of the most important manufacturing companies internationally. It currently has more than 2,000 employees worldwide and is present in more than 100 countries.

AR Racking is part of the Arania Group, an industrial group of companies with extensive experience and scope, and with a multi-sectoral activity based on the transformation of steel that dates back more than 80 years. AR Racking provides the market with a wide range of solutions with high certified quality standards and a comprehensive project management service. AR Racking’s industrial storage systems stand out for their innovation, reliability and optimum efficiency.

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