Randon develops innovative semi-trailer concept

A new concept in semi-trailers is arriving on the highways of Brazil, equipped with the latest technology and on-board electronics. The new “Concept Trailer” is a dump truck developed by the engineers at Randon Implementos, a leading company in the Brazilian semi-trailer market, together with Volvo Trucks Brazil and other partner suppliers.

It will be tested for real during the country’s grain harvest on routes connecting the farming regions to the main ports. It is equipped with automated features and sensors and built to a design that reduces the total weight of the trailer. The new product is intended to optimise performance and reduce the operating costs of the transporter.

One of the main innovations of the Concept Trailer by Randon Implementos is the reduced weight of the road train dumper. It has fewer welded seams, uses high-strength aluminium and steel, which results in a product that is a ton lighter than current similar models and it uses manufacturing processes that are unprecedented in this sector.

The other difference is the design. The aerodynamic drag is reduced thanks to the lack of vertical struts on the body of the trailer and the inclusion of deflectors. It has an anti-tip system that helps to correct it in hazardous conditions.

In addition, the Concept Trailer has a set of electronics that improves operational efficiency and safety, such as a rear sensor and camera that is interlinked to the braking system, which trigger it automatically if there are obstacles in the way.

Coupling and decoupling has also been optimised. Sensors on the fifth wheel and an electric lifting device make this procedure safer and ergonomically easier. The cargo can be covered by a fully automated tarp, activated by remote control, which saves time and means that the driver does not need climb onto the trailer. In addition, the system identifies when the trailer is not loaded and automatically raises the axles, reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption.

“This new product has a special design, is a tonne lighter and is fully connected to the tractor and the driver – it brings the future to the present, as a new concept in transporting cargo,” explained the superintendent director of the Assembly division of the Randon Companies, Sandro Trentin. “The company’s next step is to apply the technology from this concept we are launching now, to the next generation of products that are already part of the company’s portfolio.”

The Concept Trailer is part of an innovative project in Brazil to develop a concept bulk transporter, in partnership with Volvo Trucks, and with the involvement of other important partners, such as Hyva and Continental, to help to introduce innovation to the hydraulic systems and tyres.

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