Redefine Packaging Efficiency and Compact Footprint

CMC Packaging Automation, a leading supplier of fully automated right-sized packaging solutions is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking CMC CartonWrap DUO. This cutting-edge technology offers a single solution for packaging diversity: both boxes and corrugated envelopes, all on demand.

The CMC CartonWrap DUO was unveiled for the first time during CID24, CMC’s annual innovation day, where it garnered widespread acclaim for its ingenuity and practicality. Now, CMC is excited to showcase this game-changing innovation at the upcoming LogiMAT Exhibition in Stuttgart and at the Grand Opening of its Tech Center in Atlanta on March 12th.

This groundbreaking machine leverages SKUs dimensions and thickness to automatically package items in perfectly sized boxes or envelopes, using continuous roll-fed corrugated material at a speed of 900 packages per hour.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce the CartonWrap-DUO to the market,” said Francesco Ponti, CEO at CMC. “This innovative solution represents a significant step forward in packaging efficiency and sustainability. By offering both box and envelope options on demand, we are empowering businesses to optimize their operations while minimizing environmental impact.”

Capable of packaging diverse items like apparel, electronics, and books, this technology ensures secure delivery. Its unique feature covers a thickness range from 250 mm to an ultra-thin 1 mm, revolutionizing manual fulfillment with jiffy bags. The necessary corrugated is directly fed by the new CMC Wave Line, an inline cardboard coupler integrated into our packaging machines that produces robust corrugated material on demand, effectively reducing costs and streamlining stock management.

This disruptive concept harmoniously blends sustainability and efficiency, cutting corrugated material usage by up to 50% compared to existing tech and requiring up to 70% less glue. It even produces envelopes that qualify for lower postal charges, benefiting retailers and 3PL. CMC CartonWrap-DUO streamlines warehouse operations, addressing labor shortages by optimizing product flow without requiring manual intervention or multiple machines for different package types.

Enhancing the customer experience has always been a priority for CMC. The new CartonWrap-DUO ensures items are well-protected during transit with minimal packaging, reducing delivery mishaps and customer dissatisfaction.

Packaging designed for home delivery guarantees a successful first-time delivery, a crucial element in fostering a positive customer experience. Missed deliveries or damaged products frequently lead to inconvenience and frustration among customers, incurring costs for both businesses and customers alike. By reducing the frequency of these problems, businesses can cut expenses associated with extra delivery attempts and returns, while also averting customer dissatisfaction.

Optional customization with CMC Packvertizing creates engaging, branded, full colour printed packages that create a memorable customer experience. CMC CartonWrap DUO automated process ensures accuracy in measuring, cutting, and folding boxes, reducing the need for manual intervention. It accommodates a wide range of items, adapting to each unique product avoiding to stock different types/sizes of pre-glue packaging. By creating packages specifically sized for each item, it reduces the need for excess packaging material such as void fills, minimizing waste and optimizing shipping space.

It operates at high speed, capable of processing a significant number of packages per hour thus reducing delivery times and support scalability with extra shifts.

Luigi Russo, CMC General Manager commented “With the new CMC Cartonwrap DUO we are not simply making changes; we are revolutionizing e-commerce packaging. Our aim is to forge a sustainable and efficient future by merging sustainability and efficiency thereby reducing waste, costs, and enhancing the customer experience through right-sized packaging”.

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