Retrofit dock leveller offers fastest solution

Nordock, Inc. has introduced a unique dock leveller aimed squarely at the retrofit market. The Nordock TLH Retrofit is a horizontal-storing, telescoping-lip dock leveller that is ideal for docks that need an immediate solution to eliminate end-loading problems and a complete seal. It also happens to be the only retrofit telescoping-lip dock leveller offered in North America.

Perfectly suited for docks that need to upgrade their operations without major installation hassles, the TLH Retrofit offers all the advantages of a horizontal, telescoping-lip leveller in a convenient retrofit package. Sized perfectly for the most common pit size (with other sizes available), this leveller can usually be installed in existing pits without the need for cutting or extensive concrete work.

The list of advantages is long, and the benefits are obvious for any warehouse manager who needs to level up their operations:

  • Retrofit Capability: The TLH easily retrofits into a standard pit, which means you don’t have to cut a new pit anywhere you have standard-size pit leveller rusting in place.
  • Eliminate End-Loading Issues: Precisely position and extend the telescoping lip to the truck to keep it from damaging goods on end loaded trailers. Precious cargo is better protected, and shippers will notice.
  • A Better Seal: Docks will seal better in loading position (great for cold storage!) and an optional bumper to bumper foam seal under leveller provides a full 360° seal. Lost energy is lost profit.
  • Safety First & Foremost: Eliminate the dock-to-truck gap preventing injuries and reducing forklift damage or getting stuck, taking care of your people and equipment.
  • Eliminate Vehicle Restraint Issues: Traditional hinged-lip levellers can interfere with the vehicle restraint in a low-dock situation when the lip is down. Our telescoping lip eliminates that.
  • Cost Savings: The telescoping lip lets you extend the lip onto a truck that is “end loaded” or “cubed out” without damaging the goods. This means you don’t lose time or labour cost to manually unload the first pallet before a forklift can be used.
  • Faster Flow of Freight: All these advantages help the pace of dock operations and your dock’s throughput, increasing revenues.

End-loading issues plague lots of older docks, with lost energy and wasted time leading the way. As a fast install with a lifetime of savings ahead of it, Nordock says its TLH Retrofit 8’ offers a major lifetime return on investment upgrade.

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