Robotic Books Order Fulfilment

Locus Robotics, a global leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfilment warehouses, has partnered with leading online Australian book retailer, Booktopia, to enhance its customer order fulfilment processes at its new customer fulfilment centre at South Strathfield in Sydney.

The strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in Australia’s e-commerce landscape, as Booktopia becomes one of the first companies in the country to leverage the power of Locus AMRs to significantly optimise its order fulfilment processes, enabling a reduction in handling time and faster delivery to customers.

Locus Robotics‘ cutting-edge AMR technology will propel Booktopia’s fulfilment operations into the future, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and speed within its new distribution centre. The partnership aims to enhance Booktopia’s existing capabilities while meeting the ever-increasing demands of the online retail landscape. Locus Robotics’ adaptable and intelligent robots have begun seamlessly navigating the warehouse floors, working collaboratively with human counterparts to ensure timely and precise order processing.

State-of-the-art customer fulfilment centre

Rick Faulk, CEO, Locus Robotics, said: “This partnership reflects Booktopia’s innovative forward-looking view of robotics and automation technology. Booktopia is uniquely positioned to optimise its fulfilment processes and seamlessly scale for growth using our powerful AMR solution. We are thrilled to partner with a leader in Australian e-commerce as they push boundaries through fulfilment automation.”

David Nenke, CEO, Booktopia said: “Our partnership with Locus provides the technology that enables us to take a significant step forward with our customer fulfilment operations and support our overarching commitment to delivering a first class experience for customers looking to buy books and gifts. The Locus team shares our dedication to operational excellence through their cutting-edge capabilities and desire to put the customer first. Thanks to technology like this, we have been able to deliver an even better service for our customers including through the busy festive retail period at the end of 2023.”

This collaboration underscores Booktopia’s commitment to investing in state-of-the-art solutions to support its future aspirations across its ANZ operations and cement its role as a leader in Australia’s e-commerce and logistics landscape.

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