Safe Access Issues for Overhead Conveyors

The LOBO System, a leading provider of modular access solutions, has recently supported KNAPP, a global automation and logistics company, with a safe access issue for overhead conveyors.

The LOBO System provided a customized bespoke solution that addressed safety concerns and increased the efficiency of the conveyor systems.

KNAPP faced the challenge of providing safe access for maintenance and inspection of their overhead conveyors. The LOBO System provided a modular access solution that allowed for safe and easy access to the conveyors without disrupting the flow of operations. In addition, the solution included customizable and long staging platforms, making it easy for engineers to access the conveyors.

The LOBO System’s solution not only addressed the safety concerns but also increased the efficiency of the conveyor systems. The modular design allowed for quick and easy installation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The solution was also designed to be easily reconfigurable, allowing for future changes to the conveyor systems.

The product is designed to improve safety, reduce labour costs, and increase efficiency for businesses in the automated distribution industry. It is the perfect solution as the system is lightweight, easy to transport and can be assembled by just one person with no tools required.

“We are thrilled to have supported KNAPP in resolving their access issue. Our modular access platform solutions are designed to meet each customer’s specific needs, making it easy to address safety concerns while increasing efficiency,” said Tom Bokros, Senior Technical Sales Engineer at LOBO Systems.

The LOBO Advanced Platform System is a modular maintenance work platform that offers safe working at height configurable to any shape. It is perfect for accessing maintenance areas, conveyors, facilities and machinery.

The KNAPP Group is a global provider of intelligent automation solutions for intralogistics and manufacturing, specializing in healthcare, fashion/apparel, general retail, food retail, industry and service.

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