SAFELOG earns Bavarian award

Due to the COVID pandemic the past two years have been very challenging, not only for SAFELOG but for companies worldwide. SAFELOG GmbH was therefore all the more pleased to receive the ‘Bayerns Best 50’ award from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, State Development and Energy.

Disrupted supply chains, hygiene regulations, an unpredictable order situation and a shortage of resources are just some of the challenges that have had to be overcome during the pandemic. A jury of experts from the auditing firm Baker Tilly GmbH & Co. KG identified candidates who had dealt with the crisis in an impressive way from among some 8,000 medium-sized companies in Bavaria. Together with 49 other medium-sized companies, SAFELOG impressed the jury with its effective crisis management.

A decisive factor in winning this award was SAFELOG’s sustained corporate success as well as its continued growth both in terms of sales revenue and number of employees over the past five years. Despite the volatile situation, the company increased sales in the pandemic year 2020 by 12% compared to the same period in the previous year. The management considers the quick reaction to the challenges of the crisis to be the main reason for the company’s continued successful growth.

The company did not fall into a state of shock, but consistently stuck to its planned strategy under difficult conditions. The focus was on the development of new AGV models and the further optimisation of the company’s own software modules.

“This award confirms our view that you can emerge stronger from a crisis,” commented Michael Wolter, the company’s founder. “We are very proud to be among Bavaria’s best medium-sized companies thanks to the dedication of our employees and our consistent adherence to COVID rules – this is a clear sign that hard work and dedication are rewarded and that they are also noticed outside the company.”

About the awards

Entrepreneurs who seek out new opportunities for growth and employment and exploit them consistently are the backbone of the economy. They live entrepreneurship, take responsibility, and create the jobs that form the basis for the high standard of living in Bavaria.

To recognise this achievement, the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy honoured the 50 fastest-growing SMEs with the BAYERNS BEST 50 award. The prize is awarded to particularly fast-growing SMEs that have been able to increase the number of their employees and their sales above average in recent years. In addition, the “Bavarian Entrepreneur of the Year” is awarded from among the BAYERNS BEST 50. The selection criteria in this case are the economic success of their company and their active role in the business.

In-company training is also central to entrepreneurial growth and sustainable economic success. At the same time, it is an expression of the entrepreneur’s social responsibility. For this reason, the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy is awarding a special prize to two companies for outstanding commitment to in-company training.

Particularly in times of the COVID pandemic and its negative effects, the focus was on entrepreneurial role models who can serve as orientation for small and medium-sized businesses in a difficult environment.

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