Saudi Ports Record 13% Rise in Freight

The Kingdom’s maritime Saudi ports trade hubs have seen a yearly increase of 13% in cargo throughput during the year 2022, handling an estimated 237 million tons compared to 210 million tons in the preceding year.

The annual results mirror the mission of the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) to transform the nation’s ports into an operationally-efficient and robustly-regulated industry thriving on streamlined processes, high-impact partnerships, world-class infrastructure, global connectivity, digital transformation, and top-tier customer experience while fulfilling the Kingdom’s logistics hub ambitions set by the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS).

The year-end statistics for 2022 highlight a 3.2% surge in container volumes at 10.3 million TEUs in contrast to 10.04 million TEUs a year earlier. A further look at the sub-categories reveal a 5% boom in imported and exported boxes to 4.8 million TEUs from 4.6 million TEUs in the previous period. Similarly, trans-shipments inched up by 2% to hit 5.5 million tons in comparison to 2021’s tally of 5.4 million TEUs.

On the commodities front, Saudi ports unloaded around 3.93 million cattle heads across 2022, up 9% year-on-year over the prior year’s total of 3.62 million. Likewise, 973,000 cars rolled off incoming vessels at a 25% growth rate versus 778,000 units previously.

The Kingdom’s trade gateways also welcomed 933,000 passengers over the course of 2022, a 36% spike from 2021 when 688,000 pax landed on the country’s shores.

About the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani)

Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) was established in 1976 to oversee the operations of the Saudi ports. Since its inception, Mawani has been keen on transforming the Saudi ports into investment platforms and facilitating the Kingdom’s trade with the rest of the world. The Authority seeks to achieve an effective regulatory and commercial environment supported by an operating model that enables growth and innovation in the Kingdom’s maritime industry. It also envisions developing a sustainable and prosperous ports sector to consolidate the Kingdom’s position as a leading global logistics hub. Mawani strives to realize Saudi Arabia’s economic and social ambitions by ensuring reliable and efficient logistics operations, as well as creating a safe and sustainable maritime environment. Developing the Kingdom’s industrial capabilities to fulfill the objectives of the National Transport Strategy in line with Saudi Vision 2030, has and will always be one of Mawani’s main objectives, thus contributing to making Saudi Arabia a pioneer in the ports sector.


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