Siena joins Partnerverse to build visibility applications

Siena Analytics, a leader in supply chain AI and image recognition for high-volume logistics, has joined Partnerverse – the Splunk partner programme for accelerating customer success. Through this partnership, Siena is able to build powerful applications for supply chain operations that improve data accessibility, enable simple monitoring of inventory, and share business insights.

Siena’s flagship solution, Siena Insights, captures data in the warehouse through sensors at the tunnel and facility levels, while gathering learning insights with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI). The result is end-to-end visibility into the entire distribution lifecycle and elimination of inventory guesswork.

Siena Insights, built on the Splunk Enterprise platform, will utilise the company’s observability and data monitoring capabilities to develop applications that provide customers with greater visibility into their warehouse operations by leveraging images and data. The outcome is a first-of-its-kind sensor-agnostic solution that captures information across the entire supply chain for actionable package intelligence. Through this partnership with Splunk, Siena has enabled leading retail and parcel shipping organisations to take advantage of big data analytics and flexible AI deployments at the edge.

“In today’s economic climate, gaining real-time visibility into warehouse operations is more important than ever,” said John Dwinell, Founder and CEO of Siena Analytics. “This partnership allows us access to Splunk’s powerful observability and data monitoring platform to build applications that give warehouses greater insight into what’s taking place at their facilities. The result is software that marries data and images to enable package intelligence.”

Partnerverse allows logistics companies to ensure their organisations are secure, resilient, and innovative by removing barriers between data and action to enhance observability and empower IT and security teams. The Partnerverse programme helps Splunk partners deliver value to customers and accelerate their own growth, while expanding the Splunk partner practice.


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