STILL introduces RXE 10-16C e-truck

Whenever things get particularly tight and turbulent during the loading and unloading of lorries, containers or in narrow aisles, the new STILL RXE 10-16C comes into its own. For the youngest one of the Hamburg-based manufacturer’s electrifying electric forklift trucks is a giant in terms of compactness and performance. In addition, the successor to the legendary STILL RX 50, one of the best-selling electric trucks in its class, impresses with numerous safety features.

In fact, the new STILL RXE 10-16C offers an extremely well-balanced ratio between driving comfort, manoeuvrability and safety. Thanks to its compact dimensions and very sensitive steering, the three-wheel counterbalance truck is extremely efficient and manoeuvrable in the tightest of spaces. This makes it the first choice when it comes to moving loads weighing up to 1.6 tonnes with minimal space requirements. With a height of just under two metres and a width of less than one metre, the small and compact vehicle fits safely through any door – for example, when unloading containers and lorries – or even through very narrow aisles in the warehouse. Nevertheless, no one should underestimate the performance of the small truck.

“Despite its compact dimensions, the RXE 10-16C lifts half a tonne of load to a height of almost seven metres without any effort. That is a very impressive accomplishment for a small forklift truck. This is made possible by the particularly low centre of gravity and the extra rigid design of the lift mast,” emphasises Jürgen Wrusch, product expert for electric forklift trucks at STILL GmbH.

Dynamic on the track – safe in the curve

The STILL RXE 10-16C is not only particularly manoeuvrable, but with a top speed of 12.5 km/h when loaded, it is also quite fast on long distances in the warehouse. To ensure that not a moment of its electrifying driving dynamics is lost for reasons of safety, it is equipped with the proven Curve Speed Control assistance function as standard. The automatic speed adjustment in curves keeps it safely on track at all times – even in curves that are somewhat tighter. Moreover, its particularly slim mast and the visibility-optimised protective roof bars provide the driver with an optimal all-round view, through which people or objects in the truck’s field of action can be reliably recognised.

Maximum work safety is also guaranteed by the other individually configurable equipment options – from the direction indicator to the Safety Light 4Plus safety lighting, the lift height indicator, the stability assistant or the overload detection.

“We have not compromised on safety features even with the smallest representative of our electric forklift family. With its numerous driver assistance systems, some of which are available as options, the RXE 10-16C is every bit as safe as the supposedly larger members of the STILL electric forklift truck family,” explains Dyrk Draenkow, product manager for electric forklift trucks and energy systems.

In line with family tradition

Not only the assistance systems, but also the uniform operating concept of the RX electric forklift truck family was transferred to the new RXE 10-16C. Wrusch: “Anyone who is already familiar with other vehicles of the RX family will also get on very well with our smallest one right away. Following the family tradition, it has inherited from its successful big brothers the ergonomically comfortable driver’s workplace, the innovative operating concept and the smart STILL Easy Control on-board computer, which clearly displays all the relevant information and performance functions.”

This is an advantage that operators are sure to appreciate. They can easily switch between different load classes and are immediately familiar with the truck without having to get used to it. For example, with the control functions that can be individually selected – multi-lever, mini-lever, fingertip or Joystick 4Plus – which ensure maximum driving comfort in the RXE 10-16C, RX 20 and RX 60 series of electric forklift trucks. Or they benefit from the comfort offered by the generous, 44-centimetre-long footwell. There is enough room for safety shoes up to size 45.

Power and development in the drive train

The new truck gets its dynamics from a rear-wheel three-phase AC drive in 24-volt technology that is as efficient as it is low-maintenance and is based on the drive concept or drive components of the FM-X reach truck. A major advantage of the new drive train: the maintenance-intensive steering chain has been replaced by hydraulic gear steering, in which a hydraulic steering motor steers the drive wheel via a gear wheel. The rear weight has also been redeveloped. It now offers more space for the electrical system including the drive control.

For the RXE 10-16C powered by lead-acid batteries, the charging access is very easy from above. If a battery change is desired, this can be done – as with the RX 50 – from the side via a lift truck with optional internal and external roller platform. Any existing lead-acid batteries from the RX 50 can continue to be used in the new RXE. All that is required is to change the battery plug to a 320 A version. Of course, the RXE 10-16C is available with a Li-Ion Ready option with integrated quick charging access. A STILL Li-Ion battery can therefore be retrofitted without any problems.

“With its wide range of equipment options and assistance systems, the new STILL RXE 10-16C is much more than just an attractive upgrade. The increased comfort and safety make it a perfect and very versatile helper for logistics service providers, in production supply or in the central warehouses of retail companies. After all, our compact newcomer has already proven one thing: The RXE 10-16C fits – always,” summarises STILL product manager Dyrk Draenkow.


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